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Dead Man Chemical Safety Cart

Dead Man Chemical Safety Cart
Dead Man Braking System Prevents
Run-away Carts!
  Dead Man Chemical Safety Cart
  • "Dead Man" braking system prevents cart from rolling when unattended
  • Accommodates 24 one-gallon chemical containers
  • Polypropylene interior resists a wide range of acids and other process chemicals
  • Protective 304 stainless steel outer top and side coverings lend added stability, cleanliness
  • Overflow reservoir safely contains drips and spills

The Dead Man Chemical Safety Cart provides the ideal method for transporting chemical containers.

It features 24 slanted containment slots (twelve on each side), each of which securely holds a one-gallon chemical container. Spills drain into a reservoir that features a drain valve for easy emptying.

A brake release lever must be depressed to allow the cart to roll. The 4" (102 mm) diameter urethane casters ensure easy maneuverability and stability. When unattended, the braking system locks the casters to prevent the possibility of a run-away cart and resulting chemical spill!

Overall dimensions: 26.5"W x 32.5"L x 45.63"H (673 mm x 768 mm x 1159 mm), including casters.

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