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DesiCarts™ – Low Humidity Transport Cart

  • Low-humidity, contamination-free environment protects sensitive materials during process transfer
  • Optional Quick-Connect fitting and Automatic RB® Valve facilitate dry gas purging
  • Cushioned casters ensure smooth rolling over uneven surfaces Wafer/CE
  • Select acrylic or static-dissipative PVC enclosure
  • Dozens of standard configurations for wafer boxes, flat panel displays, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive materials
Ordering details
Adjustable Shelf DesiCart™ Wafer Box DesiCart™
Adjustable Shelf DesiCart™
with Polyethylene Cart Frame
Wafer Box DesiCart™
Adjustable Shelf DesiCart™ DesiCart™ Mobile Work Station
Adjustable Shelf DesiCart™
with 304 Stainless Steel Cart Frame
DesiCart™ Mobile Work Station
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