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Electronic Tray Carts

Electronic Tray Carts
  • Saves time and money—one size and configuration accommodates many PCB and subassembly sizes
  • Increases yields and throughput by reducing WIP handling damage
  • Unique anti-tip design keeps contents secure
  • Vibration-suppression casters offer a smooth ride for sensitive components
  • Grounding cable and choice of dissipative or conductive trays ensure ESD safety

These carts, made of lightweight 304 stainless steel wires, provide the perfect solution for transporting PCBs and other subassemblies. Their versatile design allows one unit to accommodate PCBs of many different sizes, without the need to change or reconfigure trays.

Each cart features vibration-suppression casters to ensure a smooth ride. Two brake casters provide a braking option on inclined and uneven floors. Two stop bars (front and back) secure the trays during transit. Select either conductive or dissipative trays to meet ESD requirements. Dimensions: 28"W x 22"D x 63"H (711 mm x 559 mm x 1600 mm). Slide spacing: 1.75" (45 mm). Tray capacity: 30.

Cat. # Price
Electronic Tray Cart 2650-98 $ 2,378
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