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ESD-Safe Enclosed Electronics Cart

ESD-Safe Enclosed Electronics Cart
Holds up to 30 static-dissipative trays (included)
in a static-dissipative PVC enclosure

This enclosed electronics tray cart stores your PCBs and other sensitive electronics in a clean, static-safe environment.

The internal tray cart, made of lightweight 304 stainless steel wires, accommodates PCBs of many different sizes. Each unit includes thirty 18"W x 26"D x 1.12"H (457 mm x 660 mm x 29 mm) molded dissipative fiberglass trays with reversible dissipative rubber inlays. The soft dissipative top layer makes these inlays ideal for use in soldering and assembly areas. Rated 20 lbs (9072 g) per level and 600 lbs (272.1 kg) per cart.

The sealed outer shell is fabricated of static-dissipative PVC for additional ESD protection. It features advanced one-piece, non-outgassing gaskets and lifting no-strain LockLatches™. Standard models include vibration-suppression casters to ensure a smooth ride for delicate parts, as well as a foot-activated brake.

ESD-Safe Enclosed Electronics Cart
W" x D" x H" (mm)
(including Casters)
RTG Resistance Resistivity Cat. # Price
24.125 x 28.875 x 67
(613 x 733 x 1702)
2.3 x 106 – 7 x 107 ohms
1.0 x 106 – 9 x 109 ohms/square
2650-99 $ 5,344
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