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Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts

Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts
A. All-polypropylene models feature removable 7" x 7" (178 mm x 178 mm) inserts that support four-gallon and four-liter bottles. Custom inserts can be specified for other container sizes. See order chart for bottle capacities.
  • Safe, convenient transport of acids and other hazardous process chemicals
  • Polypropylene construction provides broad chemical compatibility
  • Three standard configurations accommodate most container sizes
  • All feature recessed overflow reservoirs to safely contain spills
  • Acid-resistant casters, with optional foot-operated floor-lock brakes, ensure smooth, spill-free rolling

Acids and other hazardous chemical present special handling requirements. These carts meet them.

Built to Put Safety First!
Made of stress-relieved polypropylene, these carts resist the acids and corrosives used in wet processing applications. All three designs feature recessed receptacles that catch spills and drain into a containment reservoir, which includes a valve for easy emptying.

Acid-resistant neoprene swivel casters allow easy maneuvering in tight spaces to minimize the chance of spills. Select optional locking brake for safe positioning of the cart while not in transit.

Versatile Container Fixtures
Several fixture designs provide the optimal container configuration for your application. For applications with larger, heavier containers, carts are available with epoxy-finished steel frame to added support and rigidity. Bottles can be stored vertically or at an angle for more convenient access.

Terra also customizes these designs to meet any unique storage requirement—just fax us your specs!

Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts
Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts
Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts
Floor-Lock Brake
Easy to engage/ disengage by means of a foot pedal.
Cat.# Price
3401-04 Price
B. Polypropylene frame provides sturdy support for heavy container loads. Includes two transparent PVC sliding doors. C. Features 24 angled compartments (12 on each side) for safe storage of chemical bottles up to 7" (178 mm) in diameter. Hinged top provides access to an additional compartment ideal for storage of gloves, safety glasses, and other small items.  
Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts
(see photos)
W" x D" x H"
Sizes, inches
No. of
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
A 16 x 24.25 x 36
(406 x 616 x 914)
7 x 7
(178 x 178)
12 3401-00 $ 1,555 3401-50 $ 1,994
22.5 x 24.25 x 36
(572 x 616 x 914)
7 x 7
(178 x 178)
18 3401-01 $ 1,788 3401-51 $ 2,290
B 36 x 27 x 39
(914 x 686 x 991)
2 @
17 x 26.5 x 17
2 @
17 x 26.5 x 14
(432 x 673 x 432)
(432 x 673 x 356)
4 3401-30 Price 3401-52 Price
C 28 x 24.75 x 47
(711 x 629 x 1194)
24 @ 7 x 7
(for bottles)
1 @ 28 x 7
(for storage)
(178 x 178)
(711 x 178)
25 3401-31 Price 3401-53 Price
*Flame-retardant FM4910 is not as resistant to strong acids as standard polypropylene; call to discuss your application
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