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Wafer Box Carts

Wafer Box Carts
Model Shown: No. 9600-14, Rod Shelf Cart
  • Certified Class 1 compatible by an independent test laboratory
  • UltraClean™ 304 stainless steel surfaces wipe down clean.
  • Angled shelves position wafer boats securely against retaining rails
  • Spring-loaded locking polyurethane casters ensure smooth rolling to protect delicate wafers during transit
  • Standard sizes available for all lot box sizes, including 300mm wafers

These ultra-clean carts are designed specifically for wafer boat transport. Rod shelf models feature .25 (6 mm)-diameter rods welded on 2" (51 mm) centers. Perforated shelf models feature .5 (13 mm)-diameter cut-outs. Both designs optimize air flow-through and minimize the chance of particle accumulation.

Wafer/CE ul-clean pro art class 1 2728
Wafer Box Carts
Overall Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
(including Handle)
Wafer Box Capacity* Cat. # Price
150mm 200mm 300mm
Rod 29.5 x 16.1 x 40
(749 x 406 x 1016)
4 4 4 9600-14 $ 2,155
50.5 x 26.5 x 42.2
(1283 x 673 x 1072)
12 12 8 3505-05 $ 1,902
* Capacities based on the following Empak cassette models: P/N HA 150 (150mm), HA200 (200mm), HA300 (300mm)
Wafer Box Carts  
Wafer Box Carts Also available with sealed, nitrogen-purged plastic shell to create a low-humidity transport and storage environment.


Model Shown:
No. 3505-05 Perforated Shelf Cart

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