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Wafer Fab Tool Stockers

A) Tool Stocker with 4 drawers,
adjustable shelves
B) Quartzware Stocker with
drawers and shelving
C) Tool Stocker with 6 drawers,
adjustable shelves, pigeon holes
D) Thermocouple Stocker E) Tool Stocker with 4 drawers,
adjustable shelves, pigeon holes
F) Screen Frame Stocker with vertical screen supports
(several sizes available)
G) Security Cage Wafer Boat
WIP Cabinet
H) Quartz Tube Stocker with holders
for multi-diameter quartz tubes
I) 304 Stainless Steel
Wafer Box Stocker
J) Custom 304 Stainless Steel
Injector Stocker
K) Quartz Tube Stocker with
rotary holders
L) Tool Stocker with slide-out drawers
  • The perfect cabinets for wafer processing supplies, including quartzware, wafer cassettes, injectors, thermocouple rods, push rods, probe cards, and other tools
  • Steel-reinforced polypropylene cabinets resist acids and other process chemicals
  • Comprehensive range of standard sizes and convenient features, including slide-out drawers, adjustable shelves, pigeon holes, and special parts fixtures
  • Nitrogen purging available for dry storage
  • Heavy-duty 4" (102 mm)-diameter polyurethane-tread locking casters support fully loaded cabinets, allow easy transport across cleanroom flooring
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