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Laboratory Tables

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Laboratory Tables (Metro)


Laboratory Tables (Metro)

Easy to assemble innovative design, with Stainless steel construction made specifically for modular laboratory use.

Laboratory Tables (from Eagle)


Laboratory Tables (from Eagle)

Sturdy yet simple design this laboratory table from Eagle features 304 Stainless Steel tops with galvanized steel legs and under shelves for storage.

Cleanroom Tables


Cleanroom Tables REDIRECT

Styles available in electropolished 304/316 stainless steel solid, perforated and rod top designs, along with vibration-isolation and auto-adjusting work surfaces.

Vibration Isolated Surfaces


Vibration Isolated Surfaces REDIRECT

Terra Universal offers Vibration-Free Work Stations, Isolation Guides, Vibration Tables, and Vibration Free-Platforms for use with applications requiring precision tools and optimal operator comfort.
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