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UVC Germicidal Irradiation Solutions

Eco-Pure Chamber Sanitizer
99+% kill rate for common bacteria and
viruses within 2 minutes!

V-RAY™ Chamber Sanitizer

  • Economical, fast-acting systems use UV-C light to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and mold spores
  • An effective, convenient alternative to manual alcohol sterilization of difficult-to-reach isolator interiors
  • Three lamp sizes, 21", 33" and 61" (533 mm, 838 mm and 1549 mm) accommodate most aseptic isolators
  • Can be permanently mounted or installed with quick-connect fittings when sterilization is required

These economical, ETL-listed sterilization modules are ideal for glovebox isolators and other confined, difficult-to-clean chambers. Their long-lasting, low-mercury lamps can be installed in most Terra stainless steel chambers, including BioSafe® Gloveboxes and Compounding Aseptic Isolators. Prices below include installation in specified chamber.

inches (mm) Cat. # Price
21 (533) lamp 3305-90  
33 (838) lamp 3305-91  
61 (1549) lamp 3305-92  

UV Duckwork Sanitizers
UV Ductwork Sanitizer,
shown with duct cover removed
FFU sanitation module

UV Ductwork Sanitizers

Ideal for installation in HVAC returns in Terra Modular cleanrooms, these UV modules decrease germ loads on ceiling HEPA filters, minimizing contamination of bio-cleanrooms and contributing to an aseptic processing environment. Available in several configurations for easy installation in various duct sizes, their high-intensity lamps provide effective “kill rates” of bacteria and viruses, even in a fast-moving airflow. Recirculated air becomes increasingly sterile with each pass. Many configurations available; call to discuss a system configured to your duckwork configuration.

UVDI Part # Cat. # Price
ACCI-025 6602-33  

how uv disinfects
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