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High-Clearance Chemical Fume Hood

High-Clearance Chemical Fume Hood
High capacity blower maintains air speed ≥100 ft./min. (.51 m/s)
with 15" (381 mm) of vertical working clearance!

Features Key

A Many chemical-resistant hood materials available (shown: polycarbonate)
B Dual 1200 CFM (2038.81 m³/h) blowers provide safe containment: air velocity >100 fpm (.51 m/s) with 15" (381 mm) vertical access
C Quick-release blower/filter housing for fast, easy filter replacement (activated charcoal filter included)
D Many work surfaces available
E Status Indicator
  Manual/tilt-up sash
  Spill trays available

High-Clearance Chemical Fume Hood Illustration Ideal for distillation and other operations with large glassware or equipment.

This benchtop unit features over 28" (711 mm) of vertical clearance with the access shield open. The dual impeller blowers provide ample ventilation under filter load to maintain exhaust air speed ≥100 fpm (.51 m/s) for safe operation and worker protection. A polypropylene tray collects chemical spills, and quick-release clamps ensure easy access to activated charcoal and/or final HEPA filters. The sloped front access provides full view of and access to work in progress. Includes two (2) 1200CFM (2038.81 m³/h) blowers (rated at 0" static pressure). Overall nominal dimensions: 31.5"W x 24"D x 34"H (800 mm x 610 mm x 864 mm), 48"H (1219 mm) with filter/blower module). Access shield clearance: 15.5" (394 mm), closed; 28.25" (718 mm), open.

Light fixture not included, due to the risk of flammable vapors.
Please use the System Builder feature to choose the appropriate light fixture or contact a Terra representative to discuss your application.

Exhaust flow: 400 CFM (679.60 m³/h), with charcoal filter
350 CFM (594.65 m³/h), with charcoal and HEPA final filter
Air Velocity: 118 ft./min. (.6 m/s) with shield down
(operated with charcoal filter only)

Hood Material** Cat. # Price
Acrylic* 2900-30 Call TUI
SD-PVC 2900-31 Call TUI
Polypropylene (PVC shield) 2900-32 Call TUI
Polycarbonate 2900-33 Call TUI
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.
** Includes filter/blower enclosure, charcoal filter, and spill tray made of white polypropylene. Order HEPA filter separately.

 Replacement Filters Cat. # Price
Charcoal Filter (included)
1716-00A $ 473
HEPA Final Filter (order separately)
1681-02 $ 404

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Charcoal Filter Life
Unlike HEPA and ULPA particle filters, activated charcoal filters create no additional backpressure when they near the end of their service life. So when do you replace them? Here's how to tell.
Tech Resource (PDF) Chemical Filtration Table
This document shows the recommended air filter to use when working with chemicals commonly found in laboratory and manufacturing environments. An estimate of filter capacity is also documented, to help plan for replacement intervals.
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