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CleanCube™ Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
and Cleanroom Benches

CleanCube Vertical Laminar Flow Hood  
Features Key

A Hood available in acrylic and polycarbonate
B Blower module incorporates HEPA or ULPA particle filter
C Many work stations available
  One-piece hood design eliminates cracks that harbor germs
  Power distribution box for blower and light

CleanCube Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
Access shield tilts up to accommodate process equipment.


cleanliness high

  • Seamless hood features radius corners for easy cleaning and full visibility
  • Lightweight design and small footprint allow convenient benchtop positioning
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech applications that require frequent wipe-down
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CleanCube Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Corresponding Filter/Fan Unit*
Material With HEPA Filter
Acrylic* Polycarbonate 110VAC, 60Hz 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
24W x 24D x 28H
(610 x 610 x 711)
2003-10A $ 1,163 2003-12A $ 1,959 6601-22-H $ 739 6601-22-H-220 $ 893
36W x 24D x 28H
(914 x 610 x 711)
2003-11A $ 1,399 2003-13A $ 2,148 6601-23-H $ 739 6601-23-H-220 $ 893

Terra's CleanCube provides vertical laminar flow of filtered air for a particle-free processing environment.

Its one-piece hood design eliminates cracks and crevasses where germs or particles can collect. The radius corners are easy to wipe down, and the absence of corner support members ensures a full view of work in progress. It also eliminates the cramped, claustrophobic feeling that operators experience when working with only partial visibility.

Select a hood of acrylic or polycarbonate. The fan/filter unit attached to the top of the hood provides 602 CFM (1022.8 m³/h) at medium speed under filter load 2' x 3' unit (610 mm x 914 mm), at an average speed of 90 feet/minute (0.46 m/s). Its internal baffle system provides uniform face velocity, and the low vibration level ensures minimal disruption of high-precision assembly or test procedures performed inside the hood. For optimal performance, select the optional AirGard® Air Velocity Meter

*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Power Distribution Module
Simplifies operation by providing a single power connection for FFUs, lights, ionizers, and other electrical components. Includes relays and circuit breakers for overload protection. Operates on standard 15A circuits. One required per ValuLine Dust-Free Hood (price includes system integration of selected options).

Cat. # Price
6600-59A $ 350

Hoods — Cleanroom Benches

Cleanroom Benches
for CleanCube and Benchtop Laminar Flow Hoods

Cleanroom Work Benches
These benches provide the perfect work surface for use with Terra's Benchtop Laminar Flow Hoods and CleanCube Laminar Flow Hoods. Select the width and depth that corresponds to your hood. The 33"D (838 mm) benches are ideal for use with vertical flow hoods (including the CleanCube); 44"D (1118 mm) benches provide ample support for horizontal flow hoods. The "C"-base features recessed legs for operator comfort. All steel members have a white epoxy finish. Select desired top from chart.

For Vertical Flow Applications, Benches are 32"H x 33"D (812 mm x 838 mm)
For Hood Size Nondissipative
Polypropylene 304 Stainless Steel Top with Painted Frame
Solid Top Perforated Top
No. of Blowers Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Up to 28"W
(711 mm)
1684-14 $ 595 1684-17 $ 927 1684-20 $ 946 1684-23 $ 1,134 1684-26 $ 1,785
Up to 42"W
(1067 mm)
1684-15 $ 641 1684-18 $ 999 1684-21 $ 1,023 1684-24 $ 1,287 1684-27 $ 2,208
Up to 56"W
(1422 mm)
1684-16 $ 701 1684-19 $ 1,034 1684-22 $ 860 1684-25 $ 1,313 1684-28 $ 2,550
For Horizontal Flow Applications, Benches are 32"H x 44"D (812 mm x 1118 mm)
Up to 28"W
(711 mm)
1684-35 $ 654 1684-38 $ 987 1684-41 $ 1,071 1684-44 $ 1,222 1684-47 $ 1,867
Up to 42"W
(1067 mm)
1684-36 $ 696 1684-39 $ 1,030 1684-42 $ 1,088 1684-45 $ 1,303 1684-48 $ 2,221
Up to 56"W
(1422 mm)
1684-37 $ 740 1684-40 $ 1,071 1684-43 $ 1,104 1684-46 $ 1,374 1684-49 $ 2,606
Note: 28"W (711 mm) benches are recommended for use with the CleanCube using a 2' x 2' (610 mm x 610 mm)FFU.
42"W (1067 mm) benches are recommended for use with the CleanCube using a 2' x 3' (610 mm x 914 mm)FFU.
56"W (1422 mm) benches are recommended for use with all Benchtop Laminar Flow Hoods.
All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Crating charges apply to selected items.
Call or click here for more information on terms and conditions.

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Vertical vs Horizontal Laminar Flow
Things to consider when deciding between vertical or horizontal flow. There are advantages and disadvantages to each airflow direction and hood design, depending on your application and laboratory lay-out.
White Paper (PDF) Airflow Uniformity and Fan Filter Units
Fan filter units help to remove contaminants from controlled environments. They are effective if designed well. Variables like speed and baffles contribute to an FFU's ability to maintain uniform air speed and direction. Read more about how FFUs help you comply with ISO and other regulations.
Manual (PDF) CleanCube Vertical Flow Hood: Doc. # 1800-70
Manual (PDF) Ionizing Equipment (Ion Bar): Doc. # 1800-45
Quick-Start Operating Guide for Terra's IonBar Ionizing Bar, creating a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to combat ESD in your work station.
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