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Ductless Work Station

Ductless Work Station
CE mark
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Ideal for removing aerosols, soldering fumes, and other annoying chemical vapors
  • Activated charcoal filter is rated 98% effective with a wide range of organic compounds
  • Adjustable safety shield allows wide visibility and arm motion

This compact, portable exhaust purification system provides effective protection against fume exposure. It is easy to relocate and set up and allows unrestricted access to the work in progress. This convenience makes it practical to guard against hazardous fumes in even the smallest jobs.

The heart of each unit is a powerful but quiet 1675 RPM, variable-speed impeller blower that draws fumes from the work area into an activated charcoal purification filter. This filter, which is bonded and encapsulated in a sleeve that functions as a prefilter, effectively removes a wide range of organic fumes, allowing safe indoor release of the exhaust stream in compliance with OSHA and other environmental guidelines. A HEPA filter is available for postfiltration of the air flow.

  Cat.# Price
Ductless Work Station    
115VAC, 50/60Hz 9083-20 Price
230VAC, 50/60Hz 9083-20-220 Price
Safety Shield    
Static-Dissipative PVC 9083-22 Price
Nondissipative PVC 9083-23 Price
Purification (activated carbon) 1701-90A Price
HEPA Final Filter (99.99% efficient @3µm 2100-30 Price
Dimensions: 14.5"W x 17"D x 17"H (368 mm x 432 mm x 432 mm)
(front shield adjustable 10.5"-13.5" (267 mm-343 mm) from the filter/blower housing)
Weight: 33 lbs. (14.9 kg)
Blower: 1675 RPM impeller-type, runs on 0.6 amps/60 watts at 115VAC, 50/60Hz
Filter: Activated charcoal purification filter, 12" x 12" x 3" (305 mm x 305 mm x 76 mm)

Laminar FLow Hoods — Stainless Steel Spill Tray

Spill Trays, for Universal Hoods

These trays are ideal for containing spills. Available in stainless steel or polypropylene to meet various material compatibility requirements, each features a 0.5" (13 mm) lip (custom sizes available).
For Hood Size
304 Stainless Steel Polypropylene
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Sm. Single,
36 x 24
(914 x 610)
7900-25 Price 7900-30 Price
Lg. Single,
45 x 28
(1143 x 711)
7900-26 Price 7900-31 Price
Sm. Twin,
72 x 24
(1829 x 610)
7900-27 Price 7900-32 Price
Lg. Twin,
90 x 28
(2286 x 711)
7900-28 Price 7900-33 Price

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Ductless Workstation: Doc. # 1800-36
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