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Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure

CleanCube Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
No. 2003-20 with optional filter module
and side doors.
Features Key

A Enclosure panels available in many sizes and materials, including chemical-resistant polypropylene and stainless steel
B Blower module incorporates HEPA or ULPA particle filter
C Side access doors allow insertion/removal of equipment
D Options include digital air speed meter and ionizing equipment
  Glove and iris ports allow access to enclosed equipment without compromising clean conditions
  Externally mounted fluorescent light available (recommended for polypropylene and stainless steel models)

  • A particle-free, static-safe environment for microelectronic equipment, balances, scales and other sensitive equipment
  • Interchangeable access ports (order separately) let you configure the optimal enclosure for your application—
    • Solid Panels
    • Glove Ports
    • Iris Ports
    • Access Doors
    • Microscope Bellows
    • Custom Interface Modules
    • 304 Stainless Steel Frame
  • Select application-compatible material: acrylic, stainless steel, polycarbonate, static-dissipative PVC (custom materials available)
  • Optional HEPA fan/filter unit provides industry-leading quiet operation and low vibration
  • Two-piece stand isolates work station from blower vibration
  • Terra customizes to your requirements for special dimensions, cut-outs, low/high temperature and humidity control
Before you order,
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Mini-Environment Enclosures Corresponding Side Access Door*
Material   Right Side Left Side
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Acrylic** 2003-20 Price 2003-25 Price 2003-30 Price
Static-Dissipative PVC 2003-21 Price 2003-26 Price 2003-31 Price
Polycarbonate 2003-22 Price 2003-27 Price 2003-32 Price
304 Stainless Steel 2003-23 Price 2003-28 Price 2003-33 Price
* Front access doors included (as in photos above). Side doors feature stainless
steel frame and chrome-plated lift latch. Opening: 15"W x 21"H
(381 x 533 mm)
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure
Shown with Iris Adapter
Cat. # 1694-54, $309/Each
(requires pair of No. 1694-52 ports)
Shown with Glove Ports
Cat. # 1694-52, $204/Each

Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure

Glove Port Cover
No. 1694-53 $208/Each
(requires pair of No. 1694-52 ports)

These Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosures provide a controlled environment for delicate process equipment. Each includes dual front doors for easy access. The bottomless design allows convenient placement over equipment; select the optional spill tray if a bottom is required. Standard size: 49"W x 25"D x 30.25"H (1245 mm x 635 mm x 768 mm) without filter/fan module. Door opening: 22.38"W x 22.25"H (568 mm x 565 mm) for each door.

Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure   Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure

Cleanroom Garment Storage — Mini-Hood
Acrylic (Cat. no. 4950-89)
mini hood
Polypropylene (Cat. no. 4952-00)
  • Easily placed over small process equipment, beakers, flasks and other materials to protect against spills and fumes
  • Prevents drafts from affecting delicate measurements with electronic balances
  • Hinged access shield swings open for additional clearance

This filterless Mini-Hood is ideal for many laboratory and cleanroom applications. It can easily be modified to allow exhaust fume venting. Standard size: 20"W x 12"H x 16"D (508 mm x 305 mm x 406 mm).

  Cat. # Price
Clear Acrylic* 4950-89 Price
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-90 Price
Nondissipative PVC 4950-92 Price
Polypropylene 4952-00 Price
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Balance Shields
Cleanroom Garment Storage — Balance Shields
  • Ideal for use with today's sensitive electronic balances—transparent barrier protects against drafts, bumps, spills, and splashes
  • Removable lid provides easy access for adding liquids or dry chemicals from top
  • Two shields to choose from, each with notches for power cord if needed
Small (12.25"H x 13"W x 12"D)
(311 mm x 330 mm x 305 mm)

Cat. Price
Acrylic* 4950-55 Price
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-56 Price
Large (22"H x 16.25"W x 16.25"D)
(559 mm x 413 mm x 413 mm)
Acrylic* 4950-57 Price
Static-Dissipative PVC 4950-58 Price
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Fan/Filter Units (120VAC, 50/60Hz)
Includes 99.99% efficient HEPA filter. Adds 13" (330 mm) to height. Exit slots provided for air release.

Cat. # Price
6601-24-H-EC $ 1,037

Spill Tray
2"H (51 mm) tray safely contains chemical spills and is easy to clean.

Cat. # Price
Stainless Steel 2003-35 Price
Polypropylene 2003-36 Price

Microscope Bellows
Indicate desired location.

Cat. # Price
1681-53 Price

Fluorescent Illuminator

38.88"L x 5"W x 3"H (988 mm x 127 mm x 76 mm); dissipative PVC housing. 120VAC, 60Hz. Other voltages and special lighting available, including germicidal UV.

Cat. # Price
2400-40 Price

Ionizing Bar

Cat. # Price
22"L (559mm), 4 emitters 2005-06A Price
44"L (1118mm), 8 emitters 2005-07A Price
(installed below Filter/Fan)
Safe static neutralization.

Cat. # Price
33" Long
(838 mm)
2005-38 Price
44" Long
(1118 mm)
2005-37 Price

Vibration-Isolation Work Station
Two-piece stand isolates fan vibrations.

Vibration-Isolation Work Station
One- and two-piece stands place the work surface 32" (813 mm) above the floor and feature recessed legs made of powder-coated steel. Two-piece Vibration-isolated Stands separate the work surface from the Mini-environment support.

Vibration -Isolated Work Surface
Surface Material 2-Piece Isolated Stands 1-Piece Non-Isolated
Stand and Work
Hood Stand Work Surface
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
Clean Laminate 2003-40 Price 2003-45 Price 2003-50 Price
Conductive Laminate 2003-40 Price 2003-46 Price 2003-51 Price
Polypropylene 2003-40 Price 2003-47 Price 2003-52 Price
Stainless Steel, Solid 2003-40 Price 2003-48 Price 2003-53 Price
Stainless Steel, Perf. 2003-40 Price 2003-49 Price 2003-54 Price

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Ionizing Equipment (Ion Bar): Doc. # 1800-45
Quick-Start Operating Guide for Terra's IonBar Ionizing Bar, creating a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to combat ESD in your work station.
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