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Explosion-Proof Hoods
Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D
Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G

Explosion-proof vertical flow
Ideal for particle-free processing facilities where solvent vapors, dust and other flammable hazards are present. Vertical benchtop model 1686-51C-30-SSE shown.
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cleanliness high
  • The ideal vertical or horizontal laminar flow enclosure for particle-free processing in the presence of flammable vapors, fumes or dust
  • Non-sparking motor, mounted in a cast-iron, explosion-proof housing, and particle filter provide uniform flow of filtered air
  • 99.99% efficient HEPA filter (rated @ 0.3 µm particles) creates ISO 5 cleanliness conditions for contamination-sensitive work
  • Price includes explosion-proof light, fan/filter unit, and installation of wiring in filled rigid conduit, and modification of Power Distribution Module(s) and Control Panel switches

This work station is designed for work involving potentially flammable materials.* Our turnkey solution gives you a particle-free work environment on any available work surface. The versatile laminar flow hood has everything necessary for your specialized application, available in materials suited to your process.

*All electrical components (fan motor, LED lights, wiring) are rated compliant for Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D and Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G hazardous locations.

Model 1686-54C-30-SSE shown
Choice of Hood Materials to Fit Your Application
Terra manufactures hoods and stands out of several materials to meet a broad range of chemical and cleanliness requirements. Choose between either stainless steel or white powder-coated steel exteriors.  The interior wall surfaces are typically stainless steel, while the horizontal flow hoods also have a stainless steel worksurface.

The vertical laminar flow hood features static-dissipative PVC for the side and rear panels, as well as hinged sash, to eliminate static charges and the particles they attract, making it ideal for the most critical contamination requirements.

Explosion-proof horizontal flow
Horizontal flow model 1686-98: Power switch wiring is encased in cement-filled rigid conduit.

Ordering Information for All Models

Please note the following:

  • Each hood includes an explosion-proof HEPA Fan/Filter Unit and explosion-proof LED lighting
  • Call Terra to discuss 240V versions or custom options.
Large-format explosion-proof exhaust
hoods available (shown; No. 2400-14;
order table separately)

Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Hood Dimensions
A Outside 48.5" W
B 30.5" D
C 48.5" H
D Inside 46" W
E 29" D
F 29" H
G 23" H

Benchtop Hood—Vertical Flow
Hood Materials (Sash Material)
Stainless Steel Rear & Side Panels Cat. # Price
304 Stainless Steel (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-54C-30-SSE $ 6,787
Powder–coated Steel (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-54C-30E $ 6,475
With Windows Cat. # Price
304 Stainless Steel Frame (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-51C-30-SSE $ 6,774
Powder–coated Steel Frame (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-51C-30E $ 6,466

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood

Hood Dimensions
A Outside 48" W
B 44" D
C 24" H (not shown)
D Inside 45.5" W
E 24" D
F 23" H
G 17" H

Benchtop Hood—Horizontal Flow
Hood Materials (Sash Material)
Stainless Steel Rear & Side Panels Cat. # Price
304 Stainless Steel (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-59C-SSE $ 6,787
Powder–coated Steel Frame (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-59C-E $ 6,475
With Windows Cat. # Price
304 Stainless Steel (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-56C-SSE $ 6,774
Powder–coated Steel Frame (Static Dissipative PVC) 1686-56C-E $ 6,466

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood with Integrated Stand

Hood Dimensions
A Outside 76" W
B 44" D
C 63" H (not shown)
D Inside 72" W
E 30" D
F 28" H

Free-Standing Work Station—Horizontal Flow
Hood Materials
Cat. # Price
Stainless steel interior; Powder-coated steel exterior; Powder-coated steel stand 1686-98 $ 21,721

Explosion-Proof Fan/Filter Unit Specifications

Airflow and Electrical Specifications
Model Nominal Dimensions*
Inches (mm)
Avg. CFM
Airflow ft/min (m/s) Run Amps (Watts)
@ 60Hz
2 x 4 23.72 x 47.63 x 19.86
(603 x 1210 x 504)
2 x 3 23.72 x 35.63 x 19.86
(603 x 905 x 504)
2 x 2 23.72 x 23.63 x 19.86
(603 x 600 x 504)
  NEC Type: Explosion-proof, Class I Group C & D, Class II Group F&G, Division 1, Fan-cooled
  Electrical Type: Capacitor start, induction run, single-speed
  Design: 0.25 HP, 1140 RPM, Direct-drive
  Frame Construction: Cast Iron
Filter: 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm particles (HEPA)
Housing: 304 Stainless Steel
Impeller: Forward-curved, non-sparking centrifugal type; factory balanced

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Vertical vs Horizontal Laminar Flow
Things to consider when deciding between vertical or horizontal flow. There are advantages and disadvantages to each airflow direction and hood design, depending on your application and laboratory lay-out.
Tech Resource (PDF) HEPA and ULPA Particle Filters
HEPA and ULPA filters remove sub-micron particles from the air, which are too small to see but create BIG problems in many critical manufacturing operations. Read about filter capability and airflow resistance testing.
Manual (PDF) Ionizing Equipment (Ion Bar): Doc. # 1800-45
Quick-Start Operating Guide for Terra's IonBar Ionizing Bar, creating a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to combat ESD in your work station.
Manual (PDF) Explosion-Proof Hood: Doc. # 1788-02
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