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Heated Processing Chamber

Heated Processing Chamber  
Features Key

A Stainless steel heater housing with polycarbonate viewing enclosure
B Set-point control of heating module (up to 140 degrees constant)
C Hinged access door with PVC parting strips

  • Ideal for work with biological samples, microelectronics-based surgical tools, medical implants, and other critical components requiring above-ambient calibration or testing
  • Recirculation system ensures uniform heating of the internal environment up to 140°F (62°C)
  • Transparent polycarbonate front and sides allow full visibility of chamber
  • Hinged access door with PVC parting curtain allows introduction of large materials when opened, provides convenient access with minimal heat loss when closed
  • Dual air diffusers and plenum-chamber ensure uniform circulation of heated air
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Heated Processing Chamber
  Cat. # Price
110VAC/60Hz 1530-40A Price
220VAC/50Hz 1530-40A-220 Price
This processing chamber responds to a growing trend in the medical and biotechnology industries: more and more temperature-sensitive microelectronic devices are being introduced into the human body, where reliable operation at above-ambient temperatures is a matter of life or death.

By providing a precisely regulated, uniform, traceable processing temperature from ambient to 140°F (62°C), this chamber simulates the working environment of microcircuits or biological samples during processing and testing operations.

Clean, Convenient and Efficient

Its low-profile, EMI-shielded impeller blower circulates air through the heat exchanger. A time proportional controller with RTD probe allows adjustment of the set-point up to 140°F (62°C); its LED readout displays set-point and process temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and an RS-232C interface allows remote monitoring and control by means of a PC.

The polycarbonate chamber combines complete visibility with protection against thermal stress. The hinged front door includes strips that allow insertion of an operator's hands with minimal heat loss. Top and bottom stainless steel diffusing shields feature perforations of differing sizes that ensure uniform circulation of air throughout the chamber; a micro-screen positioned above the lower diffuser prevents small parts from falling into the plenum area. A 3-inch (76 mm) stainless steel utility shelf is mounted on the rear wall of the chamber, and a sliding door on the left side accommodates any electrical service lines that may be required by processing equipment used inside the chamber.

Dimensions: 19.5"W x 22"D x 17.5"H (495 mm x 559 mm x 445 mm)
Weight:. 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)
Materials: Polycarbonate (front and side of processing chamber); 304 stainless steel (blower/heater housing and diffusers)
Blower: 230 CFM (390.77 m³/h) motorized impeller with automatic thermal protection (adjustable 40-70°C)
Heater: Dual strip heaters mounted to aluminum fin heat exchanger.
Temperature Control: Sensor is RTD element mounted beneath front edge of process chamber.
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