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Conduit Hosing

  • Several materials available for safe ducting of fumes, both in and out of the cleanroom
  • Ideal for use in Terra Universal Hoods and Environmental Control Modules
Laminar Flow Hood — Cleanroom Conduit Hosing A. Cleanroom Conduit Hosing
This hosing is ideal for low-pressure fume or ventilation applications. Made completely of polyethylene with a smooth interior, it resists a wide range of chemicals and has good "memory" to resist crushing. It also offers superior flexibility and excellent resistance to tearing. It does not outgas, so it is compatible with cleanroom applications.
Laminar Flow Hood — Static-Dissipative Hosing B. Static-Dissipative Hosing
Constructed of specially formulated thermoplastic, static-dissipative hosing features permanent inherent static dissipation that is effective even in low-humidity environments. This clear hosing incorporates a copper grounding wire in the plastic helix and meets the Electronics Industry Association Standard 541 for static-dissipative classification. Static-dissipative Hosing offers excellent abrasion resistance, tear strength, clarity and flexibility, as well as good chemical resistance and endurance against UV and ozone attack. It will not outgas and is free of fillers, halogens and surface oils, making it ideal for demanding critical applications in electronics/ microelectronics device manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.
Laminar Flow Hood —Vinyl Reinforced-Wall Hosing C/D. Vinyl Reinforced-Wall Hosing
This hosing is constructed of polyvinylchloride wall, reinforced with a wire helix to provide superb bending characteristics; because of its flexibility, you will generally require a shorter length than you would of other hosing. It is ideal for fume removal, ventilation and dust control, and other more rigorous industrial requirements. It has a smoother interior than competitive hoses, and its unique construction eliminates solvent odor that other hose products emit.
Conduit Hosing (Use quantity to specify number of feet desired)
(see photo)
Temperature Color 4" (102 mm) Diameter 8" (203 mm) Diameter
Cat. # $/Foot Cat. # $/Foot
A -30 to +160°F
(-34°C to 71°C)
Black 1720-01 $ 5
B -20 to +160°F
(-29°C to 71°C)
Clear 1720-05 $ 22
C -20 to +180°F
(-29°C to 82°C)
Blue 1720-02 $ 5 1720-06 $ 7
D -20 to +180°F
(-29°C to 82
Clear 1720-03 $ 5 1720-07 $ 7
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