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Ionizing Bar

Hoods — Ionizing Bar

Provides safe, effective static neutralization inside a hood or similar enclosure. Designed for overhead chamber mounting, it generates a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to neutralize surface static charges, safeguarding ESD-sensitive materials. The replaceable, machined titanium emitter points are long-lasting and field-replaceable. Power: 120/240VAC (specify desired 24VAC output transformer).



IonBar™ Installed for Laminar Flow Hood
Includes ionizing bar and 24VDC power supply mounted to filter/blower module of specified laminar flow hood. Overall hood width should be at least 2" (51 mm) larger than bar length selected.
Uninstalled for OEM Applications
For Laminar Flow Hood (installed)
  110VAC, 50/60Hz 220VAC, 50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
11" (279 mm) L
with 2 emitters
2005-35 Price 2005-35-220 Price
22"L (559 mm)
with 4 emitters
2005-36 Price 2005-36-220 Price
33"L ( 838 mm)
with 6 emitters
2005-38 Price 2005-38-220 Price
44"L (1118 mm)
with 8 emitters
2005-37 Price 2005-37-220 Price
IonBar™ Uninstalled *

Cat. # Price
11"L (279 mm) with 2 emitters 2005-05A Price
22"L (559 mm) with 4 emitters 2005-06A Price
33"L (838 mm) with 6 emitters 2005-16A Price
44"L (1118 mm) with 8 emitters 2005-07A Price
* Requires laminar flow for effective ion distribution. Order AC transformer separately (each drives up to 80 emitters)

Retrofit Kit
Allows mounting of IonBar to any size* Fan/Filter Unit. Order IonBar and FFU separately. Includes mounting clips, power cable, and power supply (transformer).
One transformer drives 10 bar.
Retrofit Kit
Cat. # Price
2005-26 Price
*FFUs sizes: 2' x 4, 2' x 3', 2' x 2' (610 x 1219, 610 x 914, 610 x 610 mm)
Replacement Transformers*
  Cat. # Price
110VAC, 50/60Hz 2005-09A Price
220VAC, 50/60Hz 2005-09A-220 Price

Replacement Emitters
Easy-to-replace titanium tips pull out and push into bar. Approximately
3-year service life.
Replacement Emitters
Cat. # Price
2005-45 Price
Ionizing Bar Specifications
Power Indicator:
Ion Emission:
Emitter Points:
Air flow:
Dimensions: 2.1"H x 1.2"W x 11"L, 22"L, or 44"L (53 mm x 30 mm x 279 mm, 559 mm, 1118 or mm)

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Terra Universal ionizing Bar: Static-Decay Test
Watch us put our ion bar to the test in this simulation using a charged surface in a cleanroom. We record the time needed to neutralize the positive and negative charges, creating a static-free working area.
Manual (PDF) IonBar Ionizing Bar: Doc. # 1800-45
This manual contains installation and operating instructions for the IonBar and its various integrations, including the IonBar for Hoods and Glove Box Ionizing Blower.
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