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Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods: Section Resources

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Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods: QuickQuote Configurator

Makes it easy to specify a hood for your requirements and request a quotation online.

Charcoal filter


Charcoal Filter Life

Unlike HEPA and ULPA particle filters, activated charcoal filters create no additional backpressure when they near the end of their service life. So when do you replace them? Here’s how to tell.

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UVC Germicidal Irradiation

UVC provides an effective, low-cost way to reduce microbial loads throughout your cleanroom. Learn how it fits into an overall strategy for maintaining aseptic processes.



Most Wanted Pathogens

Download this poster for profiles on scores of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi) that can be controlled through UVC germicidal exposure.


Chemical Compatibility Charts

A general guide for various materials and chemicals.
  Metals   Plastics   Rubber and Synthetics


Labconco White Papers

Face Velocity Standards   PDF
What Type of Fume Hood Do I Specify   PDF
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