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ValuLine™ Laminar Flow Containment Hood

Features Key

A Chemical-resistant polypropylene or 304 stainless steel construction
B WhisperFlow™ Fan/Filter Unit with HEPA or ULPA filter
C 6"-dia. x 1.75" (152 x 44 mm) exhaust flange
D Power Distribution Module
E Operation Status Indicator
F Fluorescent Light
G Static-dissipative PVC tilting sash
H Removable perforated polypropylene or stainless steel work surface
I Air exhaust/spill containment plenum
J Adjustable baffles
K Air speed gauge (vaneometer). See below
  cleanliness high

Air Speed Monitor
  • Economical enclosure provides dual environment control:
    • Protects sensitive samples from micro-contaminants and dust-born microbes
    • Contains annoying dust and vapors generated inside the process area
  • Ideal for metals testing, non-hazardous biological sample prep, simple wet chemistry, and other processes that require particle protection and containment of non-hazardous dust and fumes
  • Select 99.99% efficient HEPA or 99.999% efficient ULPA fan/filter unit to provide a vertical laminar flow of particle-free air inside the work area
  • Perforated work surface contains chemical spills and directs air to an in-house exhaust duct (can be customized to provide solid work platform)
  • Polypropylene models resist wide range of aggressive chemicals, including acids; 304 stainless steel models are ideal for solvents and flammable materials
  • Low-profile design fits on standard benches and requires no rear access or clearance
  • Swing vane anemometer monitors air flow direction and speed past the operator to indicate effective containment
  • Tilt-up static-dissipative PVC sash resists wide range of chemicals

These hoods provide effective, economical dust and chemical vapor containment in applications that don’t require full biological safety performance—or expense—of a Class II, A2 Biological Safety Cabinet.

They accommodate Terra’s WhisperFlow™ Fan/Filter Unit, which directs a vertical flow of micro-filtered air downward through the processing area. HEPA filters capture particles as small as 0.3µm in diameter, including aerosols, bacteria, and micro-contaminants that carry viruses and other bio-contaminants. Choose ULPA filters for 99.999% efficiency of 0.12µm diameter particle removal.

Removable Work Surface
Removable work surface provides access
to spill containment area and air exhaust plenum

A perforated work surface allows air to pass into a sub-surface plenum and into an exhaust system along the rear of the unit. A 6" (152 mm)-diameter exhaust collar, located above the hood, connects to your in-house ventilation system. Adjustable baffles adds the capability of controlling exhaust air speed to allow air balancing.

By adjusting the baffle, you also have some control over exhaust direction: air can flow upward into the ventilation module or in a forward direction to be drawn through the work surface perforations.

Tailored to Your Specifications
Terra provides system modifications to meet your unique requirements:

  • Alternative work deck configurations with solid-top staging platforms or adjustable exhaust air baffles
  • All-plastic fasteners on polypropylene models to accommodate acid processes or critical metal testing
  • Sub-surface removable spill trays or drain valves
  • Custom exhaust duct sizes

Call to discuss your applications, or select any model below to submit a QuoteCart request for custom estimate.

Models below include dissipative PVC tilting sash, perforated work surface [0.5" (3mm)-diameter perforations @ 1" (2.5mm) centers], adjustable baffles, fluorescent light and swing-vane anemometer. Order desired Fan/Filter Unit (HEPA or ULPA) separately.

Laminar Flow Containment Hood (Order desired Fan/Filter Unit below)
Outside Dimensions*
inches (mm)
Other critical dimensions below
(Dissipative PVC Tilting Sash)
120VAC, 50/60Hz
Cat. # Price
49.75 x 25 x 39
(1264 x 635 x 991)
2101-20 $ 4,756
37.75 x 25 x 39
(959 x 635 x 991)
2101-21 $ 4,538
* FFU and exhaust plenum add 11" (279 mm) to height of hood
Power: 120VAC, 60Hz (220VAC 50/60 Hz models available; add –220 to the part number and specify appropriate FFU below)
Inside Dimensions: 47.75"/35.75"W x 16"D x 25.5"H (1213/908W x 406D x 648H mm)
Clearance: 47.75"W x 19"H (sash up)/5.25" (sash down) 1213 x 483 sash up / 133 mm
Operation Indicator: LED indicator on front panel glows solid when FFUs are operational; flashes when not (24VDC power provided by Power Distribution Module)
narrow fan-filter unit
cULus logo
Narrow Fan/Filter Unit
Includes a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter and a low-noise, low-vibration 3-speed motorized impeller to provide a continuous wash of particle-free air. The narrower, 16"-deep FFU allows Terra to make space-saving enclosures with smaller footprints. An Operation Status Indicator flashes when the unit is turned off, providing a convenient visual monitor of hood operation.

99.999% efficient ULPA models also available.
Fan/Filter Unit
For Hood Size
ft. (mm)
120VAC, 50/60Hz 220VAC, 60Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
3 (76) 6601-1636-H $ 776 6601-1636-H-220 $ 776
4 (102) 6601-1648-H $ 776 6601-1648-H-220 $ 776

* Not intended for use with biohazards. For bio containments, select the Purifier Logic Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet.

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Vertical vs Horizontal Laminar Flow
Things to consider when deciding between vertical or horizontal flow. There are advantages and disadvantages to each airflow direction and hood design, depending on your application and laboratory lay-out.
White Paper (PDF) Airflow Uniformity and Fan Filter Units
Fan filter units help to remove contaminants from controlled environments. They are effective if designed well. Variables like speed and baffles contribute to an FFU's ability to maintain uniform air speed and direction. Read more about how FFUs help you comply with ISO and other regulations.
Manual (PDF) Ionizing Equipment (Ion Bar): Doc. # 1800-45
Quick-Start Operating Guide for Terra's IonBar Ionizing Bar, creating a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to combat ESD in your work station.
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