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Comparison Charts of Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods

These tables allow easy side-by-side comparison of system features. Each opens in its own window and links to corresponding product information.

Free-Standing Laminar Flow Workstations (Clean Benches)
These systems incorporate a frame that positions the hood above the work surface. Most feature a two-piece design that isolates the hood from the work surface to minimize vibration.

Portable Laminar Flow Hoods (Clean Benches)
Designed for positioning on an existing counter or work bench, these portable hoods offer a particle-free enclosure in a smaller, more versatile package.

Laboratory Fume Hoods (Ducted Exhaust Hoods)
In addition to several conventional laboratory hoods, this line includes many enclosures designed to be hard-ducted to an in-house exhaust ventilation system. Remote exhausting makes them ideal for use with a broad range of fumes, including potential chemical hazards.

Ductless Fume Hoods
These carbon-filtered enclosures feature on-board fans that safely contain and remove common fumes, allowing indoor exhaust.

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