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Spray Dryer Lab Equipment Enclosure
Dust-Free Laminar Flow Cleanroom Bench

Laboratory Spray Dryer Enclosure
Features Key

A Polycarbonate Hood
B Blower module incorporates HEPA or ULPA particle filter
C Tilt-up sash
D Status Indicator Light
E Power Distribution Module
F AirGard air velocity meter



Polycarbonate Spray Dryer Equipment Enclosure with HEPA fan/filter unit; shown with optional AirGuard velocity meter.


  • Easy-access enclosure covers sensitive laboratory equipment for clean processing
  • Tilt-up sashes allow access to instrument inputs and controls
  • Multiple built-in ports provide access for equipment hoses and cords
  • Seamless hood features radius corners for easy cleaning and full visibility
  • Lightweight design and small footprint allow positioning over benchtop lab equipment
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech applications that require frequent wipe-down
  • Status Indicator Light glows to confirm FFU operation and flashes when FFU is turned off
Laboratory Spray Dryer Equipment Enclosure Corresponding 2'x3' Fan/Filter Unit
Cat. # Price With HEPA Filter
110VAC, 60Hz 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
36W x 24D x 56H
(914 x 610 x 1422)
2003-60 Price 6601-23-H $ 677 6601-23-H-220 $ 787
*Fan Filter Unit adds 13 inches to the total height.

Terra’s Spray Dryer Laboratory Equipment Enclosure provides vertical laminar flow of filtered air for a particle-free processing environment ideal for applications including pharmaceutical or supplement encapsulation, food processing and materials such as paint and ceramics. Place the portable hood over benchtop laboratory equipment, or use the front opening to insert smaller instruments. Equipment control and maintenance panels can be accesses from the two tilt-up sashes.

Its one-piece hood design eliminates cracks and crevasses where germs or particles can collect. The radius corners are easy to wipe down, and the absence of corner support members ensures a full view of work in progress. Equipment processes within the enclosure are easily monitored through the transparent polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is sturdy and shatter-resistant. It provides excellent clarity to monitor internal processes. The material is ideal for covering or enclosing equipment due to its anti-static and anti-flame spread properties.

The filter/fan unit attached to the top of the hood provides 602 CFM (1022.8 m3/h) at medium speed under filter load 2' x 3' unit (610 mm x 914 mm), at an average speed of 90 feet/minute (0.46 m/s). Its internal baffle system results in uniform face velocity. The low vibration level ensures minimal disruption of high-precision assembly or test procedures performed inside the hood enclosure. A Power Distribution Module powers the FFU, Status Indicator Light, and optional modules including fluorescent lighting, ionizing bar or duplex power outlet. For optimal performance, select the optional AirGard® Air Velocity Meter.
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