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Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood

Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood
Ductless Exhaust Configuration
Shown with polypropylene hood and filter/blower housings, optional AirGard® and stand.

Hoods include swing-vane air speed monitor   Laminar Flow Hoods — Air Speed Monitorr

Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood
Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood
Average Flow:
200 CFM (339.80 m³/h) without final filter
173 CFM (293.93 m³/h) with final HEPA filter
Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood

This negative-pressure system ventilates and purifies hazardous fumes generated under the hood, allowing safe indoor release of exhaust. It is ideal for such operations as soldering, screen printing, and chemical mixing. Its portability enables you to put a cover on operations that might otherwise create a toxic work environment!

The 1200 CFM (2038.81 m³/h) impeller blower provides ample airflow to ensure safe ventilation of hazardous fumes under the hood. The blower includes an 8"-diameter x 1" (203 mm x 25 mm) flange to allow connection of the exhaust flow to a conduit hose, if desired. Select filter and blower housing material to suit your application: either 304 stainless steel or polypropylene.

Finally, pick the filter(s) that meet your requirements. The activated charcoal purification filter listed below is 98% effective at removing a wide range of organic fumes. Terra Universal also offers several other purification filters designed for specific toxins, such as ether, sulfur compounds, mercury compounds and formaldehyde; refer to the ordering information. A prefilter and postfilter are highly recommended for all applications involving a charcoal filter. Even if you specify a downstream final HEPA filter, the charcoal postfilter will extend the service life of the HEPA filter by removing large carbon particles that escape from the activated charcoal filter.

Note: Terra recommends thorough testing of filter performance in each application prior to exhaust release, and assumes no responsibility for damage or injury that may result as a consequence of improper filter selection or use.

Unless otherwise specified, blower/filter modules come installed as indicated in the illustration, with the higher-rated filter positioned downstream of the purification filter in the filter housing.

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Blower Module*
Blower Type
(@ 0" static pressure)
Electrical 304 Stainless Steel Polypropylene
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1200 CFM
(2038.81 m³/h)
115VAC/ 60Hz 1715-53 $ 817 1684-98 $ 889
230VAC/ 50Hz 1715-53-220 $ 817 1684-98-220 $ 889
* Dimensions: 22.75"W x 13.50"D x 7.25"H (578 x 343 x 184 mm) Blower Module,
30"W x 13.75"D x 7.75"H (762 x 349 x 197 mm) Filter Housing.

Filter Housing*
Blower Type
(@ 0" static pressure)
Stainless Steel Polypropylene
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1200 CFM
(2038.81 m³/h)
1715-54 $ 394 1687-10 $ 438
* Dimensions: 22.75"W x 13.50"D x 7.25"H (578 mmx 343 mmx 184 mm)Blower Module,
30"W x 13.75"D x 7.75"H 762 mm x 349 mm x 197 mm)Filter Housing.

Blower Type
(@ 0" static pressure)
Charcoal HEPA Final ULPA
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1200 CFM
(2038.81 m³/h)
1716-00A $ 473 1681-02 $ 363 1681-10 $ 472
** Activated charcoal filter removes more organic vapors. HEPA (High- Efficiency Particulate Air)
Filters rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm particles; ULPA (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) Filters rated
99.999% efficient @ 0.12 µm particles.

Note: Twin stations require two blower modules, two filter housings, and two filter sets.

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