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ValuLine™ High-Performance Ductless Exhaust Fume Hoods
Value without Compromise

Features Key

A 0.5" (13 mm)-thick chemical-resistant polypropylene construction with dissipative PVC tilting sash
B WhisperFlow™ exhaust fans pull fumes through up to three activated charcoal filters
C Integrated bottom with raised lip safely contains spills
D Fluorescent light (in vapor-sealed housing)
E Status Indicator
  Options include ionizing bar and digital air speed meter



  • Portable, economical system converts any benchtop surface into a ductless fume hood
  • Provides an average air flow speed of 90 feet/minutes (0.46 m/s), measured with carbon filter
  • Polypropylene hood construction provides excellent chemical resistance
  • Unitized design includes built-in polypropylene bottom with spill tray, continuous seam welds with coved corners
Terra’s ValuLine™ Ductless Fume Hood uses our WhisperFlow fan/filter unit to ventilate and remove organic vapors released inside the hood, allowing safe release of exhaust fumes.

Sturdy, Chemical-Resistant Polypropylene Construction

The 0.5" (13 mm)-thick polypropylene construction offers excellent chemical compatibility, durability, and cleanliness. A hinged front access shield, made of static-dissipative PVC, restricts the air exit and enhances laminar flow. The fluorescent light fixture is sealed inside a dissipative PVC housing to prevent contact with chemical vapors.

The onboard 3100 RPM fan module draws fumes into activated carbon filters, which remove chemical fumes from the exhaust flow. Terra’s bonded charcoal filters minimize particle sloughing and eliminate voids that can allow chemical bypass of the charcoal media.

A 0 – 3.0"WG differential pressure gauge verifies that the fan module is generating the negative pressure necessary to ventilate the work area.

Ordering Information: select desired filters below
W x D x H
inches (mm)
W x D x H
inches (mm)*
No. of
No. of
Power ValuLine™
Ductless Fume Hood
Cat. # Price
42 x 29 x 43
(1067 x 737 x 1092)
41 x 28 x 29
(1041 x 711 x 737)
1 1 120VAC, 60Hz 1688-45 $ 2,584
2 2 120VAC, 60Hz 1688-46 $ 2,955
29 x 29 x 43
(737 x 737 x 1092)
28 x 28 x 29
(711 x 711 x 737)
1 1
120VAC, 60Hz 1688-47 $ 2,354
* 25 inch workspace clearance
** Order activated charcoal filter(s) separately.

Filters (see chart above for required quantity)
Filter Type
in. (mm)
Cat. # Price
Activated Charcoal
13 x 27.75 x 1.7
(330 x 705 x 1.7)
1716-00A $ 473
HEPA (99.99% efficient)**
12 x 12 x 3
(305 x 305 x 76)
2100-30 $ 201
Exit Filter Housing** 1688-49 $ 144
** HEPA filter requires Exit Filter Housing, made of polypropylene,
which mounts on top of the filter housing and raises the overall height by 3.5" (89 mm)

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) HEPA and ULPA Particle Filters
HEPA and ULPA filters remove sub-micron particles from the air, which are too small to see but create BIG problems in many critical manufacturing operations. Read about filter capability and airflow resistance testing.
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