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Smart Whisperflow Fan Filter Unit
Smart Whisperflow Fan Filter Unit
Stainless Steel Models Only

Smart WhisperFlow™
Benchtop Laminar Flow Hoods

frameless tempered glass WhisperFlow™
Model Shown: 1688-92-48-SD; Vertical flow hood
shown with static-dissipative PVC walls
Features Key

A Status Indicator
B Power distribution box for blower and light
C Fan/filter unit (sold separately) with HEPA or ULPA particle filter
D Wall panel options include polycarbonate, static dissipative PVC and stainless steel
E LED light fixture (vapor-sealed fixture available)

Two-piece hood stand isolates vibration — ideal for high-precision work (available in many top materials)
  Optional equipment includes digital air speed monitor and filter backpressure gauge
cleanliness high
ValuLine™ all-polypropylene models

This versatile laminar flow hood gives you a particle-free work environment on any available work surface.
  • Portable, economical system converts any benchtop surface into a laminar flow station
  • Low-energy, electrically-commutated fan motor (ECM) reduces operating costs and enables remote, automatic monitoring and control of FFU (sold separately)
  • Provides air flow speed 109 feet/minute (0.55 m/s) measured with HEPA filter; internal baffling plates and anodized aluminum diffuser panel ensure uniform air speed across the work area
  • Quiet operation: 50 dBA measured 12" (305 mm) from filter face
  • Select vertical or horizontal flow configuration to meet your requirements
  • Available with many application-specific wall panels, including polycarbonate, static-dissipative PVC and stainless steel
  • Work surfaces available to meet any cleanliness requirement
  • Standard widths to 72" (1829 mm), with 24" (610 mm) or 30" (762 mm) depth (for horizontal laminar flow hoods, add another 13" [330 mm] for rear-mounted fan/filter unit)
  • Standard outside height of 40.8" (1036 mm); horizontal flow hood height is 24" (610 mm)
Horizontal Flow Hood
Horizontal Flow Configuration: No. 1688-93-48-SD with static-dissipative PVC Panels

Select the panel material for your application. Polycarbonate wall panels afford full visibility of work in progress and resist a broad range of chemicals, including cleaning agents. Static-dissipative PVC panels provide broad chemical resistance and prevent the buildup of static, making it ideal for processes involving delicate electronics or powders that are prone to clinging to surfaces. These panels slide into an all-stainless steel frame that provides durable support for the Fan/Filter Units (sold separately). The stainless steel-walled hood is built as one solid piece of stainless steel (no separate frame), offering the highest cleanliness and durability.

Each model also includes recessed LED lighting and a hinged access shield that increases air speed by restricting the air exhaust. Hood orders are shipped completely assembled, ready for operation.

Before You Order, Consider Your Options!
Specialty Plastics—Specify any of these systems in dozens of other materials.
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How to Order:
  • Specify hood panel material by adding the appropriate suffix to the part number of the desired hood size and configuration below. The price for a hood of a specified size and configuration is the same, regardless of non-FM 4910 panel material selected.
    • -SD for static-dissipative PVC (panels and sash)
    • -PC for polycarbonate (panels and sash)
    • -SS for 304 stainless steel (with static-dissipative sash)
    • -AA for amber acrylic (panels and sash)
    • -BA for black acrylic (with clear acrylic sash)
    • -WA for white acrylic (with clear acrylic sash)
  • These fire-rated materials are available at the specified upcharge:
    • -FP for FM 4910-rated polypropylene (panels and sash): add 50% to price specified below
    • -FV for FM 4910-rated PVC (panels and sash): double the price specified below
Please note the following:
  • Fan/filter units are sold separately; refer to the tables below for configurations and pricing
  • All models incorporate a sash of the material specified above

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | WhisperFlow Hood
Alt Text
Smart HEPA Filter/Fan Module
Smart EC motors are quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to adjust
Status Indicator with Power Distribution Module
Integrated power system includes status light that glows with fan is operational, flashes when not.
Removable Panels
Unique design allows panel removal for easy cleaning or replacement

Easy to clean and sterilize
Removable panel design provides easy access to all hood surfaces for cleaning and sterilizing

Recessed LED Lights
Low-temperature, energy-conserving lamp won't heat the work area

WhisperFlow Hood
  WhisperFlow™ Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood Horizontal WhisperFlow™ Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood Horizontal WhisperFlow™ Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood Horizontal

Vertical Flow
(24” Depth)*

Vertical Flow
(30” Depth)*
Horizontal Flow
(24” Depth)**
Hood Width Cat# Price Cat# Price Cat# Price
(610 mm)
1688-91-24 Price 1688-92-24 Price 1688-93-24 Price
(914 mm)
1688-91-36 Price 1688-92-36 Price 1688-93-36 Price
1688-91-48 Price 1688-92-48 Price 1688-93-48 Price
1688-91-60 Price 1688-92-60 Price 1688-93-60 Price
1688-91-72 Price 1688-92-72 Price 1688-93-72 Price
*23 inch clearance for Vertical Laminar Flow
**18 inch clearance for Horizontal Laminar Flow

Smart WhisperFlow Fan/Filter Units

Low-energy electrically-commutated (EC) fan/filter units comply with energy-efficiency standards such as California's Title 24 and the European Union's ErP 2015 Directive. Their brushless 1/3-HP DC motors have internal micro-processors to enable remote monitoring and control (such as off-hour energy-saving mode). ECM FFUs produce lower heat, vibration and decibel levels than mechanical AC motors. At medium setting (2"x4" model), the FFU uses 280W/2.4A power at 1000 RPM.

Fan/Filter Unit Requirements
24” Hoods 36” Hoods 48” Hoods 60” Hoods 72” Hoods
(1) 24” x 24” FFU (1) 36” x 24” FFU (1) 48” x 24” FFU (1) 24” x 24” FFU
(1) 36” x 24” FFU
(2) 36” x 24” FFUs
Smart WhisperFlow Fan/Filter Units
Dimensions (W x L) Max CFM
Power With HEPA Filter With ULPA Filter
Cat# Price Cat# Price
24" x 48" (600 x 1210mm) 1117 120VAC 6601-24-H-EC $ 1,037 6601-24-U-EC $ 1,100
24" x 36" (600 x 905mm) 767 120VAC 6601-23-H-EC $ 1,000 6601-23-U-EC Price
24" x 24" (600 x 600mm) 520 120VAC 6601-22-H-EC $ 1,040 6601-22-U-EC Price
24" x 48" (600 x 1210mm) 1183 240VAC 6601-24-H-EC-220 $ 1,100 6601-24-U-EC-220 $ 1,211
24" x 36" (600 x 905mm) 824 240VAC 6601-23-H-EC-220 $ 1,100 6601-23-U-EC-220 Price
24" x 24" (600 x 600mm) 557 240VAC 6601-22-H-EC-220 $ 1,100 6601-22-U-EC-220 Price


non-vibration isolation
Non-isolated (one-piece) stand Vibration-isolated work-surface stand with free-standing hood frame isolates vibrations caused by the hood blower
Vibration-Isolated Stand/Frame
Two-piece design separates WhisperFlow Hood from sealed laminate top work surface to isolate fan vibration (order both a work surface and a frame unit from the table below). Adjustable model height range = 25" to 32": height adjustment in 1" increments.

Vibration-Isolated Stand/Frame (For 30"-D models, call Terra)
For Vertical Flow WhisperFlow Hoods
Hood Size Nonadjustable Work Surface Nonadjustable Frame Adjustable Work Surface Adjustable Frame
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
24"W x 24"D 1688-51 Price 1688-71 Price 1688-56 Price 1688-76 Price
36"W x 24"D 1688-52 Price 1688-72 Price 1688-57 Price 1688-77 Price
48"W x 24"D 1688-53 Price 1688-73 Price 1688-58 Price 1688-78 Price
60"W x 24"D 1688-54 Price 1688-74 Price 1688-59 Price 1688-79 Price
72"W x 24"D 1688-55 Price 1688-75 Price 1688-60 Price 1688-80 Price
For Horizontal Flow WhisperFlow Hoods
24"W x 37"D 1703-01 Price 1703-11 Price 1703-06 Price 1703-16 Price
36"W x 37"D 1703-02 Price 1703-12 Price 1703-07 Price 1703-17 Price
48"W x 37"D 1703-03 Price 1703-13 Price 1703-08 Price 1703-18 Price
60"W x 37"D 1703-04 Price 1703-14 Price 1703-09 Price 1703-19 Price
72"W x 37"D 1703-05 Price 1703-15 Price 1703-10 Price 1703-20 Price

One-Piece Stand
Use these more economical stands for work that is not sensitive to FFU vibration; work surface and stand are integrated into a single piece. Non-adjustable stand height = 32".

One-Piece Stand for WhisperFlow Hoods
Hood Size Non-Adjustable Height: 32" H Adjustable Height: 25-32" H
Sealed Laminate Stainless Steel Sealed Laminate Stainless Steel
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
One-Piece Stand For Vertical Flow WhisperFlow Hoods
24"W x 24"D 1650-80 Price 1650-80-SS Price 1650-90 Price 1650-90-SS Price
36"W x 24"D 1650-81 Price 1650-81-SS Price 1650-91 Price 1650-91-SS Price
48"W x 24"D 1650-82 Price 1650-82-SS Price 1650-92 Price 1650-92-SS Price
60"W x 24"D 1650-83 Price 1650-83-SS Price 1650-93 Price 1650-93-SS Price
72"W x 24"D 1650-84 Price 1650-84-SS Price 1650-94 Price 1650-94-SS Price
One-Piece Stand For Horizontal Flow WhisperFlow Hoods
24"W x 37"D 1650-85 Price 1650-85-SS Price 1650-95 Price 1650-95-SS Price
36"W x 37"D 1650-86 Price 1650-86-SS Price 1650-96 Price 1650-96-SS Price
48"W x 37"D 1650-87 Price 1650-87-SS Price 1650-97 Price 1650-97-SS Price
60"W x 37"D 1650-88 Price 1650-88-SS Price 1650-98 Price 1650-98-SS Price
72"W x 37"D 1650-89 Price 1650-89-SS Price 1650-99 Price 1650-99-SS Price


Static-Neutralizing IonBar™

IonBar™ IonBar with Installation Kit*

  110VAC 220VAC
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
11"L (279 mm) with 2 emitters 2005-05A Price
22"L (559 mm) with 4 emitters 2005-06A Price 2005-47 Price 2005-47-220 Price
33"L (838 mm) with 6 emitters 2005-16A Price 2005-48 Price 2005-48-220 Price
44"L (118 mm) with 8 emitters 2005-07A Price 2005-49 Price 2005-49-220 Price
*Includes ionizing bar, power supply, and installation kit; Ionizing kit and FFU must be ordered together.

Vapor-Sealed Fluorescent Illuminator
This fluorescent light fixture is enclosed in a vapor-sealed static-dissipative PVC housing. Price includes installation. Be sure to select a length that fits inside your enclosure. Operates on 120VAC or 220VAC (50/60Hz).

Illuminator Replacement Bulb
Dimensions (L x W x H) Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
18" x 5" x 3" (457 x 127 x 76mm) 2400-34 Price 3800-73 Price
38.88" x 5" x 3" (988 x 127 x 76mm) 2400-40 Price 2400-39 Price

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Vertical vs Horizontal Laminar Flow
Things to consider when deciding between vertical or horizontal flow. There are advantages and disadvantages to each airflow direction and hood design, depending on your application and laboratory lay-out.
White Paper (PDF) Airflow Uniformity and Fan Filter Units
Fan filter units help to remove contaminants from controlled environments. They are effective if designed well. Variables like speed and baffles contribute to an FFU's ability to maintain uniform air speed and direction. Read more about how FFUs help you comply with ISO and other regulations.
Manual (PDF) Ionizing Equipment (Ion Bar): Doc. # 1800-45
Quick-Start Operating Guide for Terra's IonBar Ionizing Bar, creating a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to combat ESD in your work station.
Manual (PDF) WhisperFlow Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood: Doc. # 1800-71
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