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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | BioSafe FRP/C-PVC Cleanrooms
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Sealed Wall Paneling
Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels use a specialized seam sealant while C-PVC panels are welded together at the seams.
Modular Steel Frame
The modular design combines versatility and affordability while maintaining the look and feel of a conventional cleanroom.
Power Outlets
Power outlets and other utilities can be added and will receive the same sealing treatment as the wall panels.

Polymer Panel Adhesive
A non-outgassing polymer adhesive designed for cleanrooms permanently attaches the wall panels to the substrate.

Flush-Mounted Exhaust Vents
The exhaust vents provide a smooth, cleanable surface and feature an external baffle plate for adjustment of differential pressure levels.

Steel Ceiling Grid
The grid of powder-coated steel joists is supported by the walls of the cleanroom frame, creating a completely free-standing structure.