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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | BioSafe+ Pass Through
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Flush-Mount Designs
Seamless mounting bracket fits flush against cleanroom wall to eliminate surfaces that collect particles.
Beveled Exit Slots
Minutes to Install in Any Wall
Unique clamping system lets you install or replace a chamber in under 5 minutes.
Adjusts to any wall thickness.
New hinge design
Removable Floor-Mount Ramps
Angled slope on front and both sides eliminates hard bumps as you roll carts into chamber. Removable for easy cleaning.
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Automatic Electronic Interlock
Smart automated door interlock provides audible and visual status alerts to indicate door-open or -left-ajar. Engages when a door is opened.

Smooth, Lipless Chamber Interior
Seamless design with rounded corners simplifies cleaning; no-lip entry eliminates clearance obstructions
New hinge design
Lift-Off Doors with BioSeals
Doors with non-outgassing bioseal gaskets can be easily removed and autoclaved to meet aseptic protocol.

Available UV & LED lights
Lights are recessed for easy cleaning: UV-C module with safety switch neutrailizes microbes.
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Available Access Security
Fingerprint, iris or card readers provide access monitoring and control.

Other Optional Accessories
Load presence sensor, message panel, air shower and other add-on options.