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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Backsplash Table
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Backsplash Contains Spills
Lab table with 4” backsplash helps prevent spills from chemicals and other materials used in the lab. Walls, floors and nearby equipment are shielded from damage.
Perforated Storage Shelf
Twelve-inch-deep stainless steel shelf with perforations simplifies clean-up and reduces overall surface area. Clean laminar air flows unobstructed through openings.
Convenient Shelf Location
Storage shelf, used to stock additional supplies, is placed out-of-the-way, under the work surface. It’s recessed back to avoid colliding with workers who are sitting or standing.

Radius Corners
Smooth backsplash seam is a coved, continuous weld, making wipe-down easy and preventing the build-up of contaminants or corrosive chemicals.

Ergonomic Adjustable Height
Create a stable stand-up, or sit-down work station to meet the application’s needs, or make tasks more comfortable for workers. Table height adjusts from 25” to 34”, and locks into place.

Non-Contaminating Leveling Feet
Adjustable nylon feet, suitable for cleanrooms, help level and provide stability to the work surface, particularly useful on uneven floors.