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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Chemical Resistant Table Tops
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Cleanroom-Compliant Design
Lightweight, non-contaminating polypropylene resists damage from acids and other chemicals. The table top is bonded to an all-welded, cleanroom compatible steel base.
"A" or "C" Table Base Designs
Select the height-adjustable “A” frame with locking, telescoping legs, or the recessed “C” frame for comfortable chair position. C-frame scuff guards protect the powder-coated legs from damage.
Perforated Top with Plenum
Perforations allow spilled chemicals to collect in sub-surface plenum, and fumes or vapors to be safety vented when paired with a laminar flow hood.

Square Tube Table Legs
Steel table legs designed with all-welded square tubes support heavier loads than conventional lab tables.

Optional Work Station Modules
Add convenience and ergonomics to the work station with shelving, lights and drawers. A steel lock-in support frame lets you add or change modules.

Non-Contaminating Leveling Feet
Adjustable nylon feet, suitable for cleanrooms, help level and provide stability to the work surface, particularly useful on uneven floors.