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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Cleanseam+ Pass-Through
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Flush-Mount Designs
Seamless mounting bracket fits flush against the cleanroom wall to eliminate surfaces where particles collect.
Beveled Exit Slots
Removable Doors
Lift-off doors can be removed for easy cleaning or replacement.
Isolated Automatic Door Interlock
Interlock hardware is isolated to keep the transfer chamber smooth and easy to clean.

Smooth, Lipless Chamber
Radius corners and seamless design simplifies cleaning; no-lip entry eliminates clearance obstructions.

All Stainless Steel LiftLatch
Durable stainless steel door latch won't corrode or slough particles, common problems with plated hardware.
New hinge design
Floor-Mount Ramp
Angled slopes on stainless steel ramps allow easy transport of carts in and out of the chamber.