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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Explosion-Proof Hoods
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Explosion-Proof FFU
UL-listed for Class I, Division 1 locations, with a non-sparking impeller and sealed wiring.
Explosion-Proof LED Lighting
UL-listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D areas, with a special housing designed to dissipate heat.
Explosion-Proof Control Switches
Separate switches control lighting and FFU operation, isolated from the system using a potted fitting.

HEPA Filter Access Panels
For horizontal laminar flow hoods, the rear vent panel can be easily removed to access the HEPA filters.

Static Dissipative PVC
SDPVC panels avoid dangerous static build-up that could lead to accidental discharge and ignition.

Custom Features
Hoods can be customized to include sinks and other utilities to optimize your workspace.