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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanrooms
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Explosion-Proof Power Switches
Power to the lights and fan/filter units is controlled by two separate UL-rated explosion-proof switches.
Explosion-Proof Fan/Filter Unit
Both the prefilter and the HEPA filter screen are grounded to the body of the FFU, preventing dangerous static build-up.
Explosion-Proof LED Lighting
Heavy duty LED light modules offer high luminescence and dissipate heat through a specially designed housing.

Explosion-Proof PDM
Power distribution modules are completely sealed and are built to withstand internal explosions.

Potted Fittings
These fittings are filled with an expanding cement mixture to isolate various explosion-proof components from the rest of the system.

Quick-Disconnect Conduit Unions
These specialized conduit unions form a tight seal once threaded together, simplifying conduit installation.