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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Hard Wall Cleanroom
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Cleanroom Panels designed for all Applications
-Static-Dissipative PVC
-Tempered Glass -Stainless Steel
IsoVent Panel Design
Center-, interior- or exterior-mount panels reduce installation costs and simplify cleaning. Panel gaps allow uniform air release along entire room perimeter, eliminating "dead zones" where particles can swirl.
Smart Cleanroom Access Control Systems
-Smart Access Security Modules
-Personnel-Tracking and Data-logging Capabilities
-Smart Interlock™ System for Doors and Pass-Throughs
Environmental Control Systems
-Provide economical cooling in facilities without adequate HVAC
-Temperature & Humidity Control Capabilities
Free-Standing All-Steel Design
Steel frame members and ceiling joists allow spans of up to 30 feet without internal support columns or ceiling suspension cables.