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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Hard Wall Cleanroom
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Cleanroom Panels designed for all Applications
-Static-Dissipative PVC
-Tempered Glass -Stainless Steel
IsoVent™ Panel Mounting Design
Center-, interior- or exterior-mount panels reduce installation costs and simplify cleaning. Panel gaps allow uniform air release along entire room perimeter, eliminating "dead zones" where particles can swirl.
Smart Cleanroom Access Control Systems
-Smart Access Security Modules
-Personnel-Tracking and Data-logging Capabilities
-Smart Interlock™ System for Doors and Pass-Throughs
Environmental Control Systems
-Provide economical cooling in facilities without adequate HVAC
-Temperature & Humidity Control Capabilities
Free-Standing All-Steel Design
Steel frame members and ceiling joists allow spans of up to 30 feet without internal support columns or ceiling suspension cables.
Versatile Shelf or Bench
Use frame uprights to wall-mount an optional adjustable bench, shelf or counter. Space-saving furnishings keep cleanroom floors clear of table legs.