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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Roll-Up Door Pass-Through
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Safety Pressure-Sensors
Closing doors will stop and reverse back open when the pressure-sensor detects an object in the way.
Beveled Exit Slots
Automatic Electronic Interlock
Only one door can be opened at a time, protecting the controlled environment from accidental cross-contamination.
New hinge design
PLC Touch Panel
One-touch controls allow personnel to easily operate the pass-through even when carrying parts or equipment.
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Door Position Sensors
Lasers mounted on the ceiling of the chamber monitor the position of the doors to ensure proper interlock operation.
Beveled Exit Slots
Interlock Override Switch
The interlock can be disabled for cleaning and maintenance using the key-switches located inside the pass-through.

Extra Door Clearance
Standard and custom sizes are available to accommodate all types of equipment and speed up your workflow!