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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Wet Cleaning Station
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Sinks and Tanks
Wet cleaning cabinet sink enclosure safely isolates and contains fluids. Surface perforations allow drainage into collection tanks below the counter.
Spray Guns: N2 & DI Water
Handy spray guns are ready sources of nitrogen or deionized water installed in locations to suit your process requirements.
Gooseneck Faucet
Angled to dispense water in a focused stream, this faucet is made of chemical-resistant PVC. Tip is tapered for tube connection.

Adjustable Rear Baffles
Adjust air flow direction, speed and volume by changing position of the easy-to-reach baffle plates at the rear of the station countertop.

Adjustable Transparent Sash
The PVC sliding shield protects workers from contact with chemical fumes. Variable positioning helps control laminar air speeds.

Bottom Storage
Spacious storage area under the work surface holds reserve chemicals or carboys. Access doors easily slide open or closed.