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Desiccator Access Frequency
A Short-Term Desiccator Storage solution entails frequent access to parts, so Terra recommends including stainless steel door frames to add durability and extend the life of these desiccators. Due to frequent access, the user may also require a fast response time from Terra’s active nitrogen-purging systems to quickly bring the desiccator back to set point conditions (see Terra’s DualPurge and NitroPlex for more information). Also, Individual bleed valves in each chamber will allow moisture to exit before it can migrate to other chambers. Desiccators under this classification can more accurately meet stricter relative humidity requirements; depending on the sensitivity of the parts, a Short-Term Storage solution may best suit the application needs.   A Long-Term Desiccator Storage solution entails less frequent access to parts, so stainless steel door frames may be noncritical. Since the doors won’t be opened often, a rigorous gas-purging system may also prove to be noncritical. A single bleed valve for the entire desiccator with multiple chambers may suffice for the application. In this case, a flow meter can be used instead of a smart gas purging controller to manually purge the system in this case.
Long Term  

Short Term