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Desiccator Applications

General Purpose General Purpose
  • Models available with shelf racks organize parts of many different sizes
  • Single- and multi-chamber cabinets
  • Wide choice of materials, including stainless steel

Wafer Storage
Wafer Storage
  • Chambers sized for optimal storage density of 200mm or 300mm wafer lot boxes
  • Cabinets with 4, 5, 8 and 10 chambers
  • Acrylic or Static-Dissipative PVC construction

Kit Box Kit Box Storage
  • Space-efficient storage with easy access to any kit box
  • Models configured for several common kit box sizes
  • Many chamber designs and plastic materials

Tape and Reel
Tape and Reel Storage
  • Space-saving, organized storage of electronics carrier reels
  • Mix and match reel sizes up to 14" diameter
  • Cabinets feature up to 7 chambers

Sliding Tray Sliding Tray Storage
  • Slide-out, removable stainless steel trays for easy access to small parts
  • Faraday-cage design provides static shielding—ideal for ESD-sensitive devices
  • Acrylic or static-dissipative PVC cabinet