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Desiccator Durability

Depending on how often access to the desiccator for stored parts is required, Terra may recommend a solution to withstand the appropriate level of access frequency. There are three levels of desiccator durability:

Premium Premium (for high access frequency) – Premium desiccators typically entails that the desiccator will be constructed of stainless steel and that gas purging be at a chamber-specific level rather than at the desiccator level.

Premium: stainless steel SmartDesiccator
with integrated humidity controls

enhanced Enhanced (for medium access frequency) &ndash Enhanced desiccators are constructed of plastic but have stainless steel door frames. Gas purging can be either at a chamber-level or at the desiccator level.

Enhanced: plastic Adjust-A-Shelf Desiccator
with stainless steel door frames

standard Standard (for low access frequency) &ndash Standard desiccators are constructed only of plastic and have no gas purging. Personnel usually use desiccants to keep relative humidity low in these cases.

Standard: ValuLine plastic desiccator
one (1) RB valve and one (1) flowmeter

Refer to the below chart for Terra’s desiccator offerings based on Access Frequency and Durability requirements.

Desiccator Product Line Break-Down
  Access Frequency
Durability Short-Term Storage Long-Term Storage
Premium Stainless Steel Desiccators with NitroPlex RH Control Benchtop Stainless Steel Desiccators
  Double Door Stainless Steel Desiccators  
  SmartDesiccators (Stainless Steel)  
Enhanced Adjustable-Shelf Desiccators Portable Desiccator
  SmartDesiccators (Plastic)  
  Wafer Box Desiccators  
  Kiticcator (Kitting Tray Desiccators)  
  Tape-and-Reel Desiccators  
  Faraccator Static-Safe Desiccators  
  Adjust-A-Shelf Dual-Side Access Desiccators  
  DesiCart Low Humidity Transport Carts  
Standard N/A ValuLine Desiccators
    ValuLine ES Cabinets
    Bel-Art Secador 1.0 Desiccator
    Bel-Art Secador 2.0 Desiccator