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Pass-Through Applications
General Purpose Pass-Through General Purpose Pass-Throughs

Suitable for most applications, these chambers features interlocks to prevent cross-contamination and come in several materials, including electropolished 304/316 stainless steel. CleanSeam and BioSafe models with all-continuous welds available for critical cleanliness requirements.

Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Roll-Up Access Door Pass-Throughs

Ideal for transferring carts and large materials, these models come in three floor-mount sizes and include interlocked roll-up doors that open and close at the press of a button. Lock-out feature provides access security.

Fire-rated Pass-through Fire-Rated Pass-Throughs

These are the only pass-through chambers with viewing windows that carry the UL 10B label for 90-minute fire exposure (suitable for a 2-hour wall rating). Available in six sizes, they feature interlocked, self-closing doors.

High-velocity pass-through High-Velocity Air Shower Pass-Through

Air nozzles direct high-velocity HEPA-filtered air throughout the chamber to remove surface contaminants from large objects. Ideal for minimizing particles on loaded carts being transferred into the cleanroom.

Controlled Temperature Pass-Through Controlled Temperature Pass-Through

Features a constant-temperature monitor/control system and insulated chamber to protect temperature-sensitive materials being transferred into the cleanrooms. Set point range: ambient to 5 degrees C.

Ruggedized Pass-Through Ruggedized Pass-Through

The chambers feature double-walled, reinforced doors and heavy-duty hardware to stand up to heavy cleanroom use. Available in six sizes, in 304 or 316 stainless steel.