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Modular Clean Rooms
Softwall and Hardwall clean rooms are used for many applications: find specific information about types of rooms and how they are built. See videos of time-lapsed installation and learn how to control costs. Pass-Throughs and Air Showers
Terra pass-through chambers are featured in many videos that highlight features and explain selection criteria. Find out why a transfer hatch will increase efficiency in your laboratory or clean room. Fan Filter Units (FFUs), Blowers and Air Handlers
Filtration is an essential part of any cleanroom design. Find out about Fan Filter Units (FFUs) used in Terra modular cleanrooms, hoods and other processing equipment. Learn how HEPA and ULPA filters achieve ISO cleanliness. Cleanroom Equipment, Furnishings & Supplies
Equip your cleanroom with everything from adhesive sticky mats to garment racks. Learn the specifications and features of products and supplies that help keep your controlled-environment functioning smoothly. Hoods and Accessories
Learn about laminar flow hoods and exhaust fume hoods. We'll answer your questions about the advantages of vertical flow over horizontal, and how to specify a fume hood. Glove Boxes & Accessories
See resources focusing on isolation and containment glove box chambers, along with the accessories and control system options that increase their functionality for your lab's applications. Desiccators & Accessories
Relative humidity controlled storage chamber information helps you select the products best suited to your application. Learn about maintenance and setup, nitrogen, control systems, and static-control methods. Work Stations & Benches
Videos demonstrate Terra's ErgoHeight auto-adjusting table and how to properly level a cleanroom workbench; read the whitepaper about vibration isolation. Worker comfort is designed into this functional equipment. Storage Cabinets, Rack and Systems
Specifications and product features can be found here regarding storage systems that include cabinets and racks that hold garments, components, supplies and other cleanroom or lab materials. Vacuum Chambers & Controllers
Access information about vacuum testing and storage chambers that includes features, specifications, operation and maintenance. Carts
Mobile laboratory cart features, specifications and installation options are detailed in these helpful resources. See the available accessories and configuration guides. Ionization Equipment
Learn more about Terra's ionizing equipment including a hand-held ion gun for hands-on work and targeted removal of electro-static discharge (ESD). Also see details about the ion bar that mounts inside hoods, desiccators and glove boxes, using forced air to deliver positive and negative ions to combat ESD. Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum cleaners are a necessary part of any cleanroom or lab. They are designed with HEPA or ULPA filtration, and clean up both wet and dry messes to help keep rooms free of contamination. See these resources for useful information. Sealers
See data and specifications for heat sealers used in cleanroom and lab applications. Whether it be for electronic components or medical devices, these vacuum and nitrogen-purge sealers are simple and safe to use. Semiconductor Processing & Cleaning Equipment
Microvac Vacuum Cleaner; Plasma Preen Cleaner; Diamond Scribers; Fluid Dispensers; Pic & Place Vacuum System
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