1. Portable, accurate, precise and easy to use, air particle counters ensure clean room, glove box, hood or other enclosure meet ISO cleanliness requirements

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    6 Products

  2. Terra offers high-precision instruments for monitoring pressure, velocity and flow of air in cleanrooms, gloveboxes, hoods, and other enclosures

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    23 Products

  3. Terra's thermometers, hygrometers, and data recording instruments help monitor, control and document environmental conditions in your cleanroom or laboratory

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    12 Products

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Features and Benefits

Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

Provides a convenient record of storage conditions inside a Desiccator chamber-adjustable logging interval (hours to months), USB port for easy data download in several formats.

Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge; 0-2"WC

Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge monitors room pressure or filter back-pressure ( 0-2"WC scale range shown; others available); digital and alarm models available for activating alerts when pressures fall out of specification.

CompuFlow® Thermo Anemometer

CompuFlow® Thermo Anemometer measures velocity, volume, temperature, and humidity without changing probes; includes auto-average feature and micro-printer.

Infrared Thermometer; Non Contact, with Laser Sighting; Gun Style

Infrared non-contact thermometer with laser sighting has accuracy of 3.5°F from 0 to 212°F and range of 0 to 78°F; includes °F/°C switching and automatic data hold.

HPC600 Handheld Particle Counte, with Optional Tripod, Filter

The HPC600 handheld particle counter measures and prints readings of airborne particles in six selectable size ranges; ideal for monitoring ISO-rated clean rooms and enclosures.

MET ONE HHPC 6 Plus Handheld Particle Counter

The MET ONE HHPC 6+ is a full-featured, six-channel handheld particle counter that helps monitor ISO 5-8 compliance of clean rooms and other enclosures; models available for 3- and 3-channel monitoring.

Particle Counters & Environmental Measuring Devices

  • Hand-Held RH/Temperature Indicator Hand-Held RH/Temperature Indicator
  • Laser Airborne Particle Counters HPC600 6-Channel Laser Particle Counter
  • Compu-Flow® Thermo Anemometer Air Flow and Temperature Monitor Compu-Flow® Thermo Anemometer: Air Flow and Temperature Monitoring
Hand-Held RH/Temperature Indicator
Laser Airborne Particle Counters
Compu-Flow® Thermo Anemometer Air Flow and Temperature Monitor

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