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Digital CFM Airflow Meter – CFM Master II

Digital CFM Airflow Meter – CFM Master II
Perfect for monitoring air velocity below cleanroom ceiling filters!
  • Simultaneously displays air flow and temperature readings for convenient HVAC and cleanroom filter monitoring
  • One-piece design allows easy single-hand use in hard-to-reach locations
  • Displays air velocity in FPM, MPH, KPH, Knots, MPS, and CFM
  • Switches °F and °C scales
  • Data Hold function is perfect for measuring transient or difficult-to-view conditions
  • Includes MIN/MAX and multi-point averages
  • Precision fan bearings ensure long, no-maintenance service life
  • RS232 output permits computer storage and analysis
    of data (order RS232 kit No. 5401-31A separately)

This portable, once-piece digital air flow meter is the ideal service tool for HVAC and airflow technicians. It also allows easy monitoring of vertical laminar air flow inside a cleanroom.

Versatile Scale Options and Control Features

The CFM Master II provides simultaneous display of air velocity and temperature in an easy-to-read LCD screen. It provides minimum and maximum values and measurement of up to eight multi-point readings. The data hold function is ideal for transient readings, and the auto power off function conserves battery life.

Air velocity readings are displayed in any of the common scales in use: FPM, MPH, KPM, Knots, MPS and CFM. Temperature scale switches between °F and °C.

This unit includes one 9-volt battery, a hard case and an RS232 serial output.

CFM Master ll Digital CFM Airflow Meter
Mannix Part # Cat# Price
DCFM8906 5401-16 $ 176

Mannix Part # Cat# Price
ASFT Kit 5401-31A $ 99
Air Flow: 80 to 5900 FPM (0.4 to 30 m/s)
Resolution: 0.1
Accuracy: ± 3% (125 to 5900 FPM / 0.6 to 30 MPS)
Temperature: ± 1°F (+14 to 133°F); ± .6°C (-10 to 50°C)
Battery: 9V (included)
Battery Life: 100 Hrs
Display: LCD
Max. Reading: 9999
Auto Power Off: 20 Minutes
Weight: 0.48 lbs. (218 g.)
Dimensions: 7"L x 2.5"W x 1.75"D
178 mm x 64 mm x 44 mm
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