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M2001 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger
by MSP Corporation


Non-residue cleanroom fogger used for USP 797 Compliance

Non-residue and portable M2001 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger meets the most stringent compliance requirements of pharmaceutical and semiconductor facilities. The non-contaminating feature allows the M2001 to be used during operating hours without disrupting activity or compromising operator safety and sample purity.
  • Produces highly-visible, non-contaminating, ultra-pure fog stream for up to 45 minutes
  • Small (~3µm) pure water droplets and neutrally buoyant high-density fog created by infusing liquid nitrogen in steam
  • Durable unit tracks air flow over long distances
  • No residue when droplets evaporate
  • Ideal for photographic or video recording of air flow patterns
  • Includes: Configurable 8 ft. flexible fog hose with a 1.25" diameter and extendable 3-piece wand with 90° attachment
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for parts and labor from date of shipment

Ordering Information
M2001 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger
MSP Part # Dimensions Boiler Volume Dewar Volume Power Weight Cat. # Price
M2001 21W x 15D x 16H in.
(533 x 381 x 406 mm)
3 L 9 L 115VAC
50/60Hz 15A
55 lbs.
(25 kg)
6602-24 Call TUI

Accessories for M2001 Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger
MSP Part # Dimensions Cat. # Price
2001-98-1217A-A Assembly, Hose for Fogger 6602-08 Call TUI
2001-81-5528A-X Wand Extension, No Slots 6602-09 Call TUI
2001-78-1214A-A Wand Extension, 3 Slots 6602-12 Call TUI
2001-98-1215A-A Wand Extension, 4 Slots w/Cap 6602-13 Call TUI
2001-98-5027A-X Elbow 6602-14 Call TUI

Importance of Airflow Visualization and Tracking

Air flow visualization procedures are performed in controlled environments such as cleanrooms to detect if air-flow pattern is faithfully moving in accordance with its intended trajectory.

Uses for M2001 Cleanroom Fogger

  • Video and photographic recording of air-flow patterns
  • Optimal placement of equipment
  • Detect movement of air filtration
  • Detect routes of air infiltration
  • Locate possible contaminant sources
  • Troubleshooting
  • Locate standing vortices in laminar-flow cleanrooms
  • Examine wake flow behind moving or stationary objects in mixed-flow and vertical laminar flow cleanrooms
  • Flow balancing
  • Train operators on best practices of contamination control

Benefits of M2001 Non-Residue Fogger

Checking air-flow pattern in a cleanroom often hinders work flow, but the M2001 has a non-contaminating output that uses ultrapure water to create high-density fog. Many USP 797 cleanrooms often track cleanroom air flow as a proactive measure to maintain compliance requirements and to protect operators and samples.

  • Ensures cleanroom purity
  • Leaves no residue
  • Can be used during ongoing cleanroom activity

Benefits of M2001 Portable Cleanroom Fogger

Portable cleanroom foggers such as the M2001 are convenient and they are easy to transport. Units can be placed on a roll-away cart and moved around cleanroom areas when an operator is checking for air-flow patterns. Operators can easily visualize air-flow patterns in and around:

  • Mini-environments
  • Equipment and furnishings such as clean benches and hoods
  • Ventilation and exhaust hoods
  • Doors and other architectural features
Highly-visible non-contaminating fog
output up to 45 minutes
wand app
Extendable wand attachment for optimal coverage
wand door
Easy to use and maneuver around doors,
equipment and vents

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