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HPC300 3-Channel
Handheld Particle Counter

Vidaro HPC300 Particle Counter
Hal Technologies Particle Counter with Tripod and Mini-Printer
HPC300 shown with
optional Tripod and Mini-Printer
  • Compact size and intuitive pushbutton controls make this economical counter ideal for environmental monitoring in tight spaces
  • Provides three selectable channels between 0.3µm and 25µm (default: 0.3µm, 0.5µm and 5.0µm)
  • Selectable sampling modes: cumulative, differential, concentration (counts/liter), with averaging and auto-repeat capabilities
  • Internal memory stores up to 3000 measurements (1000 data sets)
  • Allows user-defined sampling intervals (up to 59m59s) and auto repeat (up to 99 measurements)
  • Operates over 4 hours on rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AC adapter included)
  • Includes one-year warranty

Light weight, compact size, and low price make this the ideal particle counter for many cleanroom or clean bench applications.

Using state-of-the-art optical technology, the HPC300 processes the pulse signal of an aerosol particle output from an optical sensor. Measurement parameters, result display, and data storage are all controlled or realized by an internal microprocessor. Onboard software provides count limit warnings per FED-STD 209E and ISO 14644-1, allowing easy compliance monitoring. All data can be downloaded with supplied software through either USB or RS232 interface.

  Cat. # Price
HPC300 1510-31A $ 2,189

Optional Accessories

  Cat. # Price
Portable Carrying Case 1510-37 $ 95
Mini-Printer 1510-33 $ 286
Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor 1510-32 $ 93
0.2µm (zero-count) Purge Filter & Adapter 1510-34 $ 63
Leveled Mini-Tripod 1510-35 $ 64
Print Paper (two rolls) 1510-36 $ 16
Filter Adapter 1510-39 $ 8

Dimensions: 7.1" (180mm) H x 3.7" (92mm) W x 1.8" (46mm) D
Weight: < 2 lbs., 2 oz. (950g) including battery
Flow rate: 2.83 L/min (0.1 CFM)
Designed in compliance with international standards (JIS B 9925:1997 and ISO14644-1). Includes AC adapter, iso-kinetic probe, USB data cable, and data download software.
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