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Features and Benefits

Copolymer Reverse Action Tweezers

Reverse-Action Flat Copolymer tip tweezers on Stainless Steel body. Acetone and alcohol resistant, silicone and chloride free. Excelta No. 179DN-RT

Delrin Thin Jaw Pliers

Thin-Jaw Delrin Pliers provide ESD-safe, temperature-resistant manipulation of sensitive microelectronics components. Excelta No. 532-US

Fine Point Dissipative Ceramic Tip Tweezers

Ceramic-tip tweezers produce no electro-magnetic discharge, making them safe without carbon or metal additives. Excelta No. A-275A-CE

Wire-Bond Strength Test Inspection Station

Wire-Bond Strength Test Inspection Station performs cost-effective destructive and non-destructive testing; complete kit includes stereo zoom microscope, 10x eyepieces, chuck, gauges and pull hooks for a variety of pull ranges.

IntelliTweeze Ultra Precision

With the use of only one hand, the IntelliTweeze, lightweight unit will quickly measure resistance, capacitance, inductance, voltage, continuity and polarity.

Eight Teeth Wafer Grip Tweezer

Wafer Handling Tweezer for 300mm wafers; 8-tooth blade for minimal contact with wafer surface. Anti-magnetic Neverust steel; made in Switzerland.

Roto-Pic System

The Roto- Pichas a round nose wheel that rotates 360° so that the chip can be picked up and aligned with ease.

Universal Tool Kit

Universal Tool Kit allows accurate dressing, tuning and other manipulation of wire bonds, gold ribbon and other microelectronic components, as well as removing epoxy and other debris; includes micro-chisel, hook, fine and medium points.

Diascribe 5" Manual Diamond Scribers

Hand-held Diascribe Manual Diamond Scribers features polished diamond-tips that enable high-precision scribing of semiconductor wafers and other hard surfaces.

Microelectronic Tools

  • Very Fine Point Miniature Tweezers High-Precision Microelectronics Tweezers for Every Need!
  • Wire-Bond Strength Tester Portable Wire-Bond Strength Tester
  • Squeegee Blades for Microelectronics Screen Printers Squeegee Blades for Microelectronics Printing
  • Porta-Want Kit with 4 Porta-Wand Kit with 4" Wafer Tip

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