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6 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Roto-Pic System

The Roto- Pichas a round nose wheel that rotates 360° so that the chip can be picked up and aligned with ease.

Eight Teeth Wafer Grip Tweezer

Wafer Handling Tweezer for 300mm wafers; 8-tooth blade for minimal contact with wafer surface. Anti-magnetic Neverust steel; made in Switzerland.

Wire-Bond Strength Test Inspection Station

Wire-Bond Strength Test Inspection Station performs cost-effective destructive and non-destructive testing; complete kit includes stereo zoom microscope, 10x eyepieces, chuck, gauges and pull hooks for a variety of pull ranges.

Copolymer Reverse Action Tweezers

Reverse-Action Flat Copolymer tip tweezers on Stainless Steel body. Acetone and alcohol resistant, silicone and chloride free. Excelta No. 179DN-RT

Universal Tool Kit

Universal Tool Kit allows accurate dressing, tuning and other manipulation of wire bonds, gold ribbon and other microelectronic components, as well as removing epoxy and other debris; includes micro-chisel, hook, fine and medium points.

Diascribe 5" Manual Diamond Scribers

Hand-held Diascribe Manual Diamond Scribers features polished diamond-tips that enable high-precision scribing of semiconductor wafers and other hard surfaces.

Microelectronic Tools

  • Wire-Bond Strength Tester Portable Wire-Bond Strength Tester
  • Very Fine Point Miniature Tweezers High-Precision Microelectronics Tweezers for Every Need!
  • Squeegee Blades for Microelectronics Screen Printers Squeegee Blades for Microelectronics Printing
  • Porta-Want Kit with 4 Porta-Wand Kit with 4" Wafer Tip

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