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Features and Benefits

Mirror Design Reduces Cleanroom Bio-Burden

Crevices between the mirror and the wall are prone to dust and microbial colonization. Terra’s FDA and cGMP compliant mirrors hermetically seal against the wall, eliminating uncleanable gaps that harbor contaminant growth.

Dual-Side Viewing

Dual-sided floor mirror with sloping stainless steel base offers viewing from both sides to speed up multi-personnel gowning.

LED Lighting Enhances Viewing

Frameless cleanroom mirror with LED backlighting includes adjustable motion sensor for optimal viewing in dimly lit locations

Mirror-Finish Frame Provides Professional Aesthetic

Cleanroom mirrors with mirror-finished stainless steel frames provide an ISO-compliant, professional, aesthetic appearance

Dedication to Business Ethics

Terra is committed to conducting business according to the highest standard of professional ethics and conduct. To review Terra’s ethics code, please visit:

Mirror Designs

  • Frameless Gowning room Mirror with Model Frameless Gowning Room Mirror
  • Gowning Procedures
  • Dual Side Cleanroom Mirror with Model Dual Side Cleanroom Mirror
  • Frameless Cleanroom Mirror with LED Lighting Frameless Cleanroom Mirror with LED Lighting
  • Cleanroom Gowning Framed Mirror with Model Cleanroom Gowning Framed Mirror

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