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Operating Room Equipment & Furnishings

Operating rooms, also called theaters, are dedicated spaces where physician and nursing staffs perform surgery and administer medications based on diagnoses. Hospitals have long functioned under best-practice procedures of maintaining aseptic conditions. History has shown that the more sterile the environment, the safer the patient during surgical procedures. The proper equipment and furnishings will help reduce recovery times from illness or injury, while contributing to the overall efficiency of the healthcare facility. Operating suites serve to protect both the patient and the medical staff; cleanliness is maintained to shelter patients from contamination and post-surgical infections, as well as prevent transmission of disease to hospital personnel. Operating rooms are located in the main hospital, or infirmary, as well as emergency rooms/departments to more conveniently treat those in urgent need. Following surgery, patients are transferred to a post-operative location for recovery. Positive outcomes in operating rooms largely depends on sanitation, safety and efficiency. The products featured here were selected to help your purchasing efforts: cleanrooms, storage cabinets, carts and tables are designed to reduce contaminants and are made of easy-to-clean materials; safe conditions can be maintained with Terra's environmental controls, fire-detection system and sterilizing equipment; and, perform necessary on-site processes with benchtop lab equipment including balances, tube rockers and centrifuges.
Operating Room Equipment & Furnishings
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