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    1 Window Material1 Door Style1 Frame Material2 Width1 Height1 Wall Thickness2 Mounting Position2 Shelf

    Window Material: SDPVC
    Door Style: Vertical Sliding
    Frame Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Width: 12", 24"
    Height: 32"
    Wall Thickness: 3" to 5"
    Mounting Position: Wall, Floor
    Shelf: Shelf, No Shelf
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4 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Electronic Roll-Up Pass-Through Window

Electronic roll-up window with convenience shelf provides clean through-wall transfer of parts in a lab, pharmacy or medical office; access security features available to restrict door operation

Pass-Through Tray with Window

This stainless steel pass-through tray with dual-side shelves and window is ideal for through-wall document transfer in labs, medical offices, banks, service stations and other facilities.

BioSafe® Transaction Drawer with Window

BioSafe® Corian transaction drawer with tempered-glass window resists microbial growth and stands up to frequent sterilization; service-side operator controls access with lever. Shown with optional Talk-Through.

Vertical Sliding Convenience Window

Vertical sliding convenience windows use counterweighted rollers to provide a smooth gliding action; includes static-dissipative PVC windows and stainless steel frame for clean, chemical-resistant operation.

Convenience Pass-Through Window with Swing Door

Pass-through windows with tempered glass door adjusts to swing in either or both directions; shelf included on one side.

Pass-Through Convenience Window with Sliding Glass Window

Clean, chemically-resistant white polypropylene construction with 0.75"-thick tempered glass window and 12" convenience shelf creates a clean, functional, attractive pass-through window for labs and medical facilities.

Pass Through Doors & Windows

  • Smart® Pass-Through Chambers by Terra Universal
  • Fire-Rated Pass-Through Chamber
  • Vertical sliding convenience window pass-through for hospital lab Vertical Sliding Pass-through Convenience Window for Hospital Lab
  • Convenience Window Transfer Drawer Transfer Drawer (Receiving Side)
  • Transaction Drawers with Window and Talk-Through Module ValuLine™ Transaction Drawer with Window
  • Transaction Window Shallow Tray Full View Uninstalled Transaction Window Shallow Tray Full View
  • Pass-Through Tray with Viewing Window Pass-Through Tray with Window
  • Swing-Door Pass-Through WIndow Convenience Swing-Door Pass-Through WIndow
  • Fire-Rated Pass-Through Access Door Fire-Rated Pass-Through Access Door

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