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    ValuLine™ Pass-Through Chambers
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    2 Window Material3 Material1 Mounting Position1 ISO Class3 Inside Width3 Inside Depth4 Inside Height

    • ISO Rating: ISO 7, ISO 8
    Window Material: SD-PVC, Acrylic
    Material: Polypropylene, Black Acrylic, 304 Stainless Steel
    Mounting Position: Standard Wall
    ISO Class: ISO 7
    Inside Width: 12", 18", 24"
    Inside Depth: 12", 18", 24"
    Inside Height: 12", 24", 16", 18"
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4 products meet your criteria.

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Cleanroom Pass-Throughs by Terra Universal

Interlock Status Lights

Prevent operator damage! A green light bar indicates the door is available for use, with the electronic interlock disengaged. The bar turns red when the opposing door is open to indicate the electronic interlock is engaged.

Medical Pass Throughs

ValuLine™ ISO 8 Pass-Through Chambers are configurable with economical black acrylic, chemical resistant polypropylene for healthcare and medical, or stainless steel for cleanrooms.

Refrigerated Medical Pass-Throughs

ISO 7 refrigerated pass-through chambers feature a 1050 BTU refrigeration module that automatically maintains the user-programmed set-point as low as 41°F.

The Five Minute Pass Through Installation

Easy-to-install mounting systems allow the entire pass-through chamber to be removed and reinstalled in less than five minutes, without screwing into the wall surface.

Smart® Pass Through Chambers

ISO 6 Smart® CleanMount Pass-Throughs redefine the capabilities of a medical pass-through. Log chamber conditions, track sample lots, and integrate a talk-through system.

Countless Pass Through Accessories

Countless add-on accessories are compatible with every unit including automatic doors, security systems, load sensors, cameras, wireless door alerts, and more.

Flush-Mount Design Prevents Dust Accumulation

CleanMount® pass-throughs hug the cleanroom wall, eliminating gaps that collect germs and particle and making them ideal for critical bio/pharmaceutical cleanroom use.

CleanMount® Lipless Chamber Eliminates Clearance Obstructions

Instead of welded seams, the corners of the CleanMount® pass-through interior are coved to eliminate dust and germ traps. The lipless opening presents no clearance obstructions and further simplifies cleaning.

Recirculating HEPA Filtration Diagram

By recirculating the interior air, airborne particles are rapidly removed by successive passes through the HEPA filter. Recirculation also minimizes pressure buildup that can cause leakage into an adjacent positive-pressure cleanroom.

Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

  • Smart® Pass-Through Chambers by Terra Universal
  • Smart Cleanroom Pass-Through with 90 Degree Corner and HEPA Filtration Smart Cleanroom Pass-Through with 90 Degree Corner and HEPA Filtration
  • Smart Pass-Through Chamber with Models Smart Pass-Through Chamber
  • Smart Passthrough Eye Reader Iris Scanner
  • Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber Video Overview Cleanroom Pass-Through Features and Selection Guide
  • Floor Mounted Recirculating Smart Passthrough Floor-Mounted ISO 5 Smart Pass-Through with Recirculating HEPA Filtration
  • Acryolic Pass-Through Chamber with Models ISO 8 ValuLine Acrylic Pass-Through Chamber
  • BioSafe Stainless Steel Pass-Through Chamber with Models ISO 5 CleanMount® BioSafe® Pass-Through, 24"W x 24"D x 24"H
  • Stainless Steel Passthrough Chamber Shown Flush-Mounted in Cleanroom Wall ISO 6 CleanMount® CleanSeam™ Stainless Steel Passthrough Chamber
  • Fire-Rated Passthrough Door Window with Model Fire-Rated Pass-Through with Window, 24" x 24" x 24" chamber ID
  • Terra Universal IQ-OQ Process
Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber Video Overview

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