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As personal and professional lives shift dramatically in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, negative-pressure isolation rooms are operating in new areas of the hospital: patient waiting rooms, acute and urgent care facilities, emergency rooms and patient-accessed hallways and corridors. Beyond the hospital, negative pressure rooms are supporting patient home isolation, package quarantine, containment in public facilities, and isolation zones for businesses and workplaces. Terra's patient isolation rooms utilize ceiling-mounted ducted fan units to HEPA-filter and safely exhaust contaminated air. Though aerosolized droplets carrying COVID-19 are captured efficiently by HEPA filtration, the fan units include a duct-collar for connection to the facility exhaust system. Isolation cleanrooms are designed to exact customer specifications including casters for mobility, transparent walls and talk throughs for low-risk patient communication and UV germicidal lights for secondary room disinfection. In addition to isolation rooms, Terra offers an extensive product portfolio to support employee protection, surface disinfection, and garment sterilization. Personal protective equipment, such as face masks, gloves, respirators, gowns and safety glasses protect hospital staff from nosocomial transmission. Handheld and ceiling-mounted UV sterilization lamps prevent microbial spread by denaturing genomic material. Alcohol- and bleach-based liquid sanitizers kill pathogens during surface wipe-downs. UV disinfection cabinets emit germicidal UV-C light to sterilize face masks, safety goggles, hair bouffants, gloves and shoe covers. Equipment installed in or near the isolation room to promote cleanliness include hands-free sinks and hand dryers, personnel air showers, specimen pass through cabinets, and HEPA-filtered gown cabinets. See below to peruse Terra's selection of equipment, products and consumables designed specifically to support infection control and patient isolation.
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